Q&A with Richard Skufza | Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

March 14, 2012
tena. mueller

You can’t run a successful advertising agency for 50 years without some pretty amazing people. This post series will feature Q&As with some of E.B. Lane’s “veteran” employees.

How long have you worked at EBL?
15 years. I started in 1998.

What is your favorite EBL memory so far?
That is really hard because there have been so many great memories.  If I have to limit it to one I would say about 10 years ago the accounting department renamed themselves as the “business management group.” As a team we went to Great Scott Studios, where we sang and recorded the song “Taking Care of Business” with new lyrics we wrote. It was a blast and it gave us an opportunity to experience the whole recording and editing process. Then we distributed gold candy coins introducing our new name and played the song at an agency staff meeting.

What EBL project/campaign are you most proud of?
Coming from the business management side I have to say I’m always proud of our creative campaigns. But the one that really struck me was the “Watch Us Make You Smile” campaign for Cable ONE. The first time I heard the song tears came to my eyes and I got goose bumps all over.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in your tenure?
When I started at EBL the public relations and business management groups were down the street about 30 yards at 909 W. McDowell. We’re now all together between the two buildings at 733 and 725 W. McDowell. I’m always amazed at how quickly we can tear down walls and add new ones whenever we need to. We’ve learned to easily adapt to change.

What do you think differentiates EBL from other agencies?
It’s definitely our people. We have the most incredibly creative, committed and talented employees in the market. We work well together and we strive to be true to the EBL values to ultimately impact our clients’ business goals.

What are your predictions for the next 50 years at EBL?
The advertising business is changing fast with the addition of digital and social media channels. EBL will continue to adapt to deliver outstanding value to our clients, our employees and the community at large.

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