The New Twitter Layout – was the hype worth it?

December 05, 2012

Can you believe that 40% of the top 100 brands (Interbrand, 2011) still have not made the switch to Twitter’s brand-friendly layout? Granted it’s still fairly new, having been released only at 2 ½ months ago, but given the benefits of the revised structure I can’t help but to think, “Why”?

Sure, there are the stodgy late adopter brands that won’t necessarily benefit from the new layout; however, I was quite surprised at brands such as Audi, Corona, Sony, Microsoft, Heineken and Hyundai.  I thought brands like these would have surely jumped on the bandwagon by now.

Adopting for the sake of adopting, or is there a real benefit?

It all depends on what you’re using Twitter for, I suppose.  If it’s primarily for customer service (L.L. Bean,, Zappos), maybe making the switch isn’t a necessity for now.  However if you’re utilizing Twitter as a component of your social media marketing strategy, and as a promotional and marketing tool, you may be missing out.

Most notable benefits of the new design revolve around a greater emphasis on imagery and branding.  The new layout allows users to add a header image (like Facebook and Google+), as well as transplanting the old profile image to the front and center and has increased the size of the user’s photo stream.  This visual shift is on the heels of Instagram and Pinterest , both of whom are changing the way we consume information online.

Twitter Profile ExampleThese changes aren’t just limited to the desktop.  Twitter’s mobile layout also utilizes the header image, allowing for an enhanced brand experience on a smartphone or tablet. It’s nice to know since 60% of all Twitter users consume their information on a mobile device*.  The caveat here is that your twitter page must be updated to the new design, if not, your page is left with a rather large black box where your header image should be.Twitter Layout Before & AfterSo in conclusion, is it really worth the time and effort to update your companies twitter page?  The facts point to yes.  In today’s hyper-competitive online advertising landscape it pays to spend a little extra time polishing your brand’s image and taking advantage of the latest social tools available.

*Twitter Advertising (@twitterads), 2012

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Mark Van Dyke
December 6, 2012 1:08 pm


I like the new interface as well.

Hope you guys have a great holiday season…



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