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Non-Traditional Students: An Untapped Opportunity For Higher Education in 2021

Live on Wednesday, October 14th at 11am MST

5 Non-Traditional Student Recruitment Strategies To Implement By Year-End

There are currently 8.2 million college students aged 25 or older in the U.S. It’s a significant part of the student population that will only continue to grow as a result of the pandemic. While the non-traditional student has long been a priority for APSA member schools, competition for these students continues to intensify. LaneTerralever (an APSA associate member) conducted a research survey aimed at better understanding the motivations and barriers these students face when returning to school




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Experts in Education Marketing

Whether you're focused on marketing, digital/web, or admissions we'll cover strategies that can apply to your efforts. In addition to regularly conducting research on what matters most to students, the team at LaneTerralever has also worked with a number of trade schools, vocational schools, healthcare programs, and leaders in online education. When you combine primary research insights with experience working with numerous schools you understand why they bring to the table such a unique perspective.