Who Controls Your Brand’s Image?

With a well-developed public relations strategy, the answer is “you.” Harness media coverage to tell your story, manage public perception, and leverage sentiment to drive forward business goals.

Find Your Place In The Conversation.

At Lane|Terralever, we provide full-service PR and communications services that drive transformative outcomes. Define and build relationships with your audience, leverage media and third-party validators, and claim your rightful place in the dialogue.

Initial PR Strategy

We’ll collaborate with you to home in on your goals, what you want to be known for and where you want to win. Then we’ll define both the short- and long-term executions to help get you there.

Media Relations

Decades of experience have given our team deep knowledge and deeper relationships. Tap into earned media’s potential to heighten the exposure and influence of your brand.

Reputation Management

Whether you want to win awards and build up public goodwill or need to turn your reputation around, we’ll work with you to control how your brand is viewed and track coverage along the way.

Media Training

We leverage every interaction with the media to drive your strategy. Our team will prepare you with the right introductions, thorough briefing, and strategic messages. But most importantly, we provide personalized support, so you never go it alone.

Crisis Communications

We’ll help you anticipate any potential mishaps and manage current crises through strategies on framing issues proactively. If a crisis arises, you can count on us for rapid response and a personal level of attention to help you take back control of your message.

Strategic Event Planning

Events play a crucial role in your communication strategy, providing opportunities to connect with key audiences. We’ll help you plan, publicize and brand your event for maximum attendance, coverage and impact.

Unified Messaging Strategy

We’ll work with you to define and understand your ideal audience and your challenge, formulate a strategy around the message you’re communicating, and define the integrated tactics we’ll use to deploy your message, from classic media relations to innovative digital campaigns and every step in between.

Planning & Reporting

Our methods allow you to align and track campaigns, media coverage and social media posts in one central hub. We’ll keep you informed and aware of how you’re performing against your most important key performance indicators.