Social Media Is More Crowded Than Ever.

With ever-changing algorithms, rising ad costs and overcrowded feeds, getting attention is more challenging now than ever. Without a well-defined social media strategy, your content won’t reach the right people and will have zero impact on your bottom line.

Break Through The Noise.

We can help you break through the noise and break down barriers to grow the ideal social following and reach them with content that engages and, ultimately, drives to conversion.

Strategy Development

We build custom strategies based on your goals and your audience’s needs. You’ll understand what content to create, the channels to be on, and the strategies and tactics you need to achieve measurable results.

Build Your Audience

Creating content is only worthwhile if there’s actually an audience to experience it. We can help you identify your ideal audience and build up your social following through both paid and organic methods.

Content Creation

Our in-house team puts your social strategy into action, creating everything from tweets to long-form blogs, from GIFs to award-winning video series and everything in between, depending on your specific needs.

Community Management

We can help you engage and interact with your audience of current and potential customers and brand advocates, while monitoring and managing any mishaps that might come up (e.g., trolls).

Influencer Engagement

Your message means so much more coming from others. We can help you track down and engage the right partners to create genuine content and awareness for your brand.

Measurement & Reporting

Our team can help you set goals, determine key performance indicators and create custom reports that show how you’re measuring up.

Social Listening

Keep your finger on the pulse of how people really feel about your business. Our team can review customer conversations in a variety of channels to understand how people view your brand.

Paid Social Advertising

The social media world is a pay-to-play landscape. We’re armed with the most current techniques in targeting and real-time optimization to make sure you get the most impact for your spend.

Online Reputation Management

Our team will monitor and respond to reviews across Yelp, Google and other channels to make sure people who take the time to write a review receive a prompt response.

Hannah Tooker, Director, Content Marketing

“At LaneTerralever, we use social media to tell stories that connect brands with their customers. Fueled by analytics and insights, we discover what makes your customer tick and deliver relevant content to excite, educate and entertain them on behalf of your brand.”