Creating a luxury lifestyle magazine


Inspirato, a leading luxury hospitality company from American Express, came to us with a dream to see their brand translated into a travel and lifestyle magazine. And that’s exactly what we did for them. Since 2013, we’ve successfully launched, published and distributed the Inspirato magazine to more than 20,000 subscribers.


  • Design
  • Copy Proofing





issues in circulation and growing


subscribers since 2013

With its established and impressive list of travel destinations and clientele, we wanted the magazine to become the voice and full visual representation of Inspirato as a brand.

The magazine includes property collections, location editorials, and spotlight interviews on club members and their experiences. With sleek design, the magazine is anchored by breathtaking images and information on a variety of the club’s international locations that span across the globe.

We created original travel content as well as the design for both the physical and digital publications in iOS and Android formats.

Today, Inspirato is used as a self-promotional marketing device for new member development and member retention efforts with about 27,500 quarterly issues in circulation.

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