Our Presentation at MuseumNext's Growing Audiences Summit 2022

May 25, 2022 | By: Hannah Tooker | 1 min read

Why Your Museum Needs to Consider Gen Z 

Recently, LaneTerralever's VP of Content Marketing, Hannah Tooker had the opportunity to speak at the MuseumNext Growing Digital Audience’s Summit.

Hannah's presentation, titled "Experiences Over Things: Capturing and Converting Gen Z", focused on how museums should respond to the fact that Gen Z now represents more than over 40% of global consumers. 

Gen Z's expectations are high, from personalized digital experiences to brands that put social good at the core. Understanding the behaviors and habits of Gen Z will ultimately teach you valuable lessons relating to the success of your museum and give you an opportunity to attract Gen Z in a natural way by taking cues from the generation itself.


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The Importance of Understanding Your Customer

The presentation focused on the importance of understanding Gen Z’s habits and behaviors as they continually gain buying power. Hannah dives into what captures Gen Z: 

  • Travel & Leisure Trends 
  • Money Motivators 
  • All About the Experience 

Understanding Gen Z’s habits, motivations, and thinking will allow your marketing efforts to reach this generation effectively. Gain access to the recorded presentation and pdf to learn more about these insights!

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