Growing Audiences Summit -
How Museums Can Capture Gen Z

Finding what resonates with Gen Z and making it work for your brand is easier said than done. Dive into the data and learn 10 tips for capturing and converting your Gen Z audience today.

What The Presentation Includes

Gen Z now represents more than over 40% of global consumers. This puts the question of how to reach and resonate with this audience top of mind for attractions, museums, cultural institutions, and nonprofits.

From personalized digital experiences to brands that put social good at the core – Gen Z expectations are high. Understanding the behaviors and habits of Gen Z will ultimately teach you valuable lessons relating to the success of your museum and give you an opportunity to attract Gen Z in a natural way by taking cues from the generation itself. In this package we've included the following for you to share with your team:

  • PDF of the presentation deck
  • 20-minute recording of speaking presentation 


of Gen Zers ranked "travel and seeing the world" as the most important way to spend their money 

Opportunities For Museums & Attractions to Capture & Convert Gen Z Audiences

Gen Z has popularized bringing back many trends from the generations before them and one that impacts tourism specifically is the idea of #Bleisure travel.

Travel is important to Gen Z as they value experiences and because of this, they are looking to make the most out of any traveling they do. Extending business trips through the weekend to explore new places and attend new attractions is commonplace for this generation.

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