Our Home Builder Marketing Strategies

While the economy has made a nice recovery from the great recession, the gap between income and home values has been steadily rising. This has resulted in many consumers having a more difficult time affording homes. At the same time, we have seen custom home developers thrive in a period where high-net-worth individuals continue to spend more on housing. While these two audiences are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum we’ve found that there is great nuance even within the audiences in the middle like the rent-to-own Millenial or sizing-down Boomer. Since interests vary drastically we’ve found the core of your strategy must be personalization, both with your website and marketing strategies.

Another key shift is the role technology-enabled services like Zillow and Opendoor are having on the housing search process for both Millennials and Boomers alike. Whether you’re a home builder, multi-family property manager, or mixed-use developer it’s clear this is not a battle worth fighting, instead, it’s something that should be embraced and be seen as an opportunity. We work with homebuilders to develop thoughtful marketing plan digital customer experience strategies. Gone are the days of using a templated home builder website that looks just like your competitors and doesn’t work half the time. Today’s consumers expect more from housing brands where they spend such a large share of their paycheck.


KPIs We Move

  • Units Sold / Units Rented
  • Accelerated Inventory Turns
  • Online Leads Generated
  • Online Search Rankings
  • Sales Center / Design Center Visits
  • Awareness in New Market
  • Customer Experience Scores
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Real Estate Brands We’ve Partnered With


Real Estate Marketing Case Studies

Selling Homes In The Age Of Marketing Personalization


Meritage Homes


Developing a Brand and Marketing Assets for a Luxury Home Builder


Pinnacle at Promontory


A Luxury Vacation Home Club Develops a Deeper Connection With Its High-Net-Worth Members




Expertise We Provide

We bring to the table deep insight about the consumer journey of how some researches and selects housing regardless of age or socioeconomic status. This insight gives us a great foundation from which to start and allows us to jump in and hit the ground running with new partners. That said, we start most engagements with quick research aimed at developing an in-depth understanding of your unique local or regional audience and what drives them to take action. While that’s often where we start, we also offer a number of point solutions that move the needle for our clients in real estate including:

  • Brand Strategy & Competitive Positioning
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Branding & Logo Development
  • Creative Campaign Development
  • Print Collateral 
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Performance Media & Data Analysis
  • Public Relations For Groundbreaking
Real-estate-ground breaking-public-relations-marketing-team

Real Estate Companies We Support

Over the years, we’ve partnered with a variety of home builders and real estate companies at a local, regional, and national level to increase leads using personalized website and marketing strategies. Some of recent real estate clients include Catellus, Promontory Club, and Meritage Homes. Do you fall into any of the categories below? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to share some of our industry insights and thoughts on how we can move your business forward.

  • Home Builders
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Property Management Companies
  • Active Adult / Senior Living
  • Real Estate Technology
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Multi-family Developers
  • Commercial Developers
  • Mixed-use Developers
  • Construction

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