Our Collective Offering

This collective will offer access to the full scope of services needed to guide the customer-experience journey, from initial insights and strategy to a complete portfolio of creative executions, under the guidance of one, cohesive team. As part of the collective, we sometimes partner with Convince & Convert, which is a digital consultancy with a team of highly-focused and experienced consultants and analysts who provide strategies that help you connect with and keep your customers. They handle CX, marketing, content strategy, and planning for such clients as Oracle, Cisco, Visit California, Purdue University, and Sam's Club.

Why Customer Experience?

Customer experience touches every facet of your business. From your interactions with customers online or on the phone to the products or services you deliver. Centering your business around your customer, understanding their unique needs and challenges, and providing the solutions that make their life easier helps your business become engrained in their lives. We created XD so that we could make a meaningful impact. Marketing can only do so much to affect the bottom line, while CX can deliver long-lasting, profitable growth. Hear more about customer experience from Experience Dynamic founder Chris Johnson, and Convince and Convert founder Jay Baer.


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