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Attractions - Digital Customer Experience Report 2021

100 of the top attractions in the U.S. ranked based on their web, social media, and brand experience

What The Report Includes

While the pandemic has been devastating for the attractions industry, there is reason to be optimistic about the future. As we all begin to emerge from the pandemic, we conducted a digital customer experience assessment of 100 of the top attractions in the U.S. in hopes of identifying key trends and opportunities for attractions to differentiate by providing an exceptional customer experience. The result is a report that ranks 4 different types of attractions, including:

  • Zoos & Aquariums
  • Amusement & Theme Parks
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Museums
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3 Key Components of Digital Customer Experience

Getting your marketing and digital customer experience right is critical to any attraction's long-term success. We evaluated the attractions based on how well they performed in 3 areas including:

  • Website - Are you providing visitors an experience designed to make it easy to accomplish key tasks and consistently performs across different devices?
  • Social Media - Are you creating unique content touch points with your visitors to drive more frequent attendance and brand advocacy?
  • Brand Experience - Are you communicating using thoughtful messaging, building positive customer sentiment, and communicating a high level of perceived brand value?


of all attractions assessed scored below satisfactory for 
mobile web experience

Opportunities For Attractions to Enhance Digital Customer Experience

The largest areas of opportunity we found were to enhance the mobile web experience to drive an increase in online ticket sales and more effective use of social media content to drive loyalty and more frequent attendance. Many of the opportunities for improvement are what we consider to be low effort but high impact, meaning there is a lot of low-hanging fruit for those surveyed to take advantage of.

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