Without proper quality assurance standards, you’re likely judging your site based on ingrained biases (e.g., “No one uses Internet Explorer 11 anymore, so it doesn’t matter if our site looks wonky there.”). And that means you can’t ensure the same experience for users across the devices or tech they use.


At Lane|Terralever, our Quality Assurance (QA) team reviews all digital work through an objective lens. Their process ensures all users have equal access to content and functionality across any browser or device so your site or app is easy to use and optimized to convert.

Collaboration With All Departments

All digital work that is produced at Lane|Terralever must go through QA to ensure accuracy and ease of use across devices.

Prioritizing The Right Devices

Devices to test are prioritized based on analytics and extensive research on the latest market share percentages for devices and browsers for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Creating A Testing Plan

We create a testing matrix, or plan, that details every digital deliverable being developed and the highest-priority devices to test.

Taking On The User’s Perspective

We test using a set of test suites and test cases – a list of user tasks and scenarios that must be accomplished without any defects in order to be considered passed.

Performing Unbiased Testing

We test your website or app on the determined devices and browsers, identifying and documenting any errors or “bugs” that would hinder a user’s experience.

Updating All Errors And Bugs

Once we’ve logged any and all errors in the intended experience, the list gets passed along to the appropriate departments to make updates.

Daniel Guzman, Jr. Quality Assurance Analyst

Providing excellent quality standards is essential to any organization, and here at Lane|Terralever, we strive to meet that demand. The quality assurance team is integrated from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality standards has been met. By incorporating user behavior in our test cases, we can deliver the best experience a user will have on any website.


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