Why Matters More Than What

As humans, storytelling is ingrained in us from the start. As we’ve evolved, the way we tell stories has too, but the fundamental need to tell those stories hasn’t gone away. At its core, that’s what content marketing at LaneTerralever is — the discovery of your brand story and the execution of the right way to tell it.

What does that mean to you?

No matter what you’re selling, if you can tell compelling stories and help your consumers understand why it matters, you’ll have brand advocates for life. At LaneTerralever, we create content that engages, inspires, educates, and converts your customers.

What is Content Marketing Made Of?
  • Content Journey Mapping
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Content Campaigns
  • Social Media Content
  • Email Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Landing Page Content
  • Amazon Optimizations

Our Content Approach

From landing pages to product descriptions every word we write is marketing. Content at LT is built to be dynamic and reach your audience on all types of platforms. From email to influencers, podcasts to webinars, and everything in between, the areas of opportunity for content is endless. At LT, we’ve grounded ourselves to say no matter where the content lives, it must achieve one of these four things:


Does your content make your audience feel something? Does it make an impact on their life or make them want to do something new?


Does your content answer the audience’s questions? Does it take the most searched for inquiries surrounding your product or service and give the audience your brand perspective?


Does your content make your audience laugh, or provide them some other entertainment value? Do they WANT to engage with it?


Does your content push your audience toward a purchase in a natural and engaging way? Does your audience WANT to make a purchase because they believe in you as a brand?


Content Journey Mapping

We take the time to map out how your customer makes it from discovery to purchase and the content they need to consume along the way.


Website Content Strategy

Working hand-in-hand with our UX team, we outline how content should flow on a website and the hierarchy of needs the user has during their experience.


Content Campaigns

We build full-scale digital campaigns to increase awareness, engagement, acquisition and conversion.


Social Media Content

We create content that stops the scroll and gets your audience to pay attention to the messages you are sharing.

Content Marketing Case Studies