Our Email Marketing Automation Philosophy

Marketing automation has become a bit of a buzzword in the marketing landscape. You might know it by one of its many other names like email marketing, CRM marketing, or you might even call it lifecycle marketing. Regardless of the word you use, the reality is this tried and true channel is still often the highest converting for most businesses. It allows you to have a 1-on-1 conversation with your customer or prospect, gives you an opportunity to be incredibly personalized, and gives you ownership of your audience, unlike so many other marketing channels.

What is Email Marketing Automation About?
  • Marketing Automation Strategy
  • CRM/Marketing Automation Platform Selection
  • List Building & Database Cleanup
  • Email Content Development
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Our Email Marketing Automation Approach

In order to move the needle, your marketing automation efforts should always be a part of a larger content marketing strategy. Whether you’re in B2B and seek to arm your sales team with warm leads that they can follow up with or you’re in B2C and looking to re-engage lapsed customers, many of the principles stay the same.

Maximize List Segmentation

Ensuring your list is properly segmented is the first step to success in automation.

Leverage Content Personalization

The best way to break through the clutter is content personalization and that means more than just mentioning someone’s name or changing the subject line of an email.

Align Sales & Marketing Efforts

In many organizations, there is a healthy tension between sales and marketing. At our email marketing automation agency, we’ve found that marketing automation can be a trigger to create better alignment between these teams’ efforts.

Automate Administrative Tasks

Most tools will allow you to leverage workflows to automate tasks. We take the time to set things up right from the start, saving you time and money in the long run.