Don't fall into trap of only measuring conversion.

Site visits and conversions are easy to measure and to optimize around. But they tell us almost nothing about crucial metrics that influence conversion, like awareness, consideration and purchase intent.

Measuring these top-of-funnel metrics is more difficult, takes longer, and can be costly, so there’s a tendency to abandon them in favor of the bottom of the funnel.

But that can be a costly mistake for your business, and can actually hurt conversions in the long run.

We create full-funnel media strategies.

We work with you to uncover both the business results you want to achieve and the behavioral change we need to generate along the way to achieve those results. When we understand the answers to these key questions, we can design a plan that’s set up to successfully address the challenge at hand and deliver results for your business.

What are the audience’s influences at each stage of their journey to conversion?

What is each potential channel’s role at those different stages?

What are the best messaging opportunities in those channels at those stages?

What are the key performance indicators going to be, and how will we measure them?

Fraser Elliott, Senior Vice President, Media Director

"The most important elements of any media campaign are the questions you ask before you even start. 'What’s the problem we’re trying to solve and why?' Not just the business challenge, but the psychological and behavioral changes we need our consumers to make on their way to conversion, in order to achieve the business goal.”