Our Public Relations Philosophy

What do people say about you? Are they even talking? Generating buzz is more than a popularity contest. It takes a thoughtful PR agency strategy — anchored in a defined brand positioning — to truly stand out among the noise of the modern media landscape. At LT, we provide full-service communications and PR agency services, including crisis management, brand awareness, managing public perception, enhancing communication strategies, and boosting public sentiment.

What is Public Relations Made Of?
  • PR Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Event Strategy & Management
  • Strategic Partnerships

Our PR Approach

We manage and protect your reputation like it’s our own. Our public relations team works directly with the community, the media, and your team to ensure we create, maintain, protect, and enhance your company’s image.


Your image is yours to own and create. If you don’t decide who you are, the public will do it for you.


With a cluttered marketplace, it takes ongoing planning and execution to stay top of mind.


The public values your worth based on your reputation. An asset like this requires protection.


You are the company you keep. The right influencers and strategic partners will take your message further.


Media Relations

The definition of media relations continues to evolve, and so should your strategy. Evolution doesn’t mean completely abandoning the past but expanding on it. With over 58 years of experience in media relations, LT’s deep-rooted relationships combined with multi-medium experience, means more stories placed and more audiences reached.

Feeling camera shy? Not to worry. Our PR agency team can provide your company spokespeople with the media training they need to find confidence in all situations.


Reputation Management

Managing your reputation requires a two-fold strategy: proactive and reactive. Proactive management involves the ongoing dissemination of positive stories. Strategic partnerships and charitable alignments help elevate these stories. Your first line of defense is a strong offense. Reactive management includes monitoring your company’s media alerts, online reputation and social media conversations, along with tracking and assessing any sentiment changes. We keep our finger on the pulse, so we can amplify positive opportunities and diffusing negative situations.


Internal Communications

We thrive in creating and executing internal communication campaigns that motivate employees to become internal brand ambassadors. Whether it’s a rebrand, a merger/acquisition, or a much-needed retention play, we devise a strategy unique to the internal infrastructure and employee and stakeholder audience. We believe a company's strongest asset is their team on-hand.


Event Strategy & Management

A memorable event that also achieves your business goals doesn’t come together overnight. It takes strategic, thoughtful planning and a true understanding of the event industry. With out-of-the-box activations, product demonstrations, and speaking opportunities, we help our clients gain awareness, interest, and leads — in person and virtually.

Public Relations Case Studies