Our Video Production Philosophy

They say “content is king,” but here at LT, video is the king of all kingdoms. In today’s connected world, nothing captures attention or makes an impact quite like video. Simply put, video breathes life into great ideas.

Video is more than just moving pictures — it is a core part of any marketing strategy. We believe it should be a part of every client’s marketing plan because it can trigger emotion, provide a rich and compelling experience unrivaled by other mediums, and can even support you in your SEO efforts if done right.

What Types of Videos Do We Produce?
  • Brand Videos
  • Social Video Content
  • TV Spots
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Internal Communication Videos

Our Approach to Video Production

From snackable social content to full-scale broadcast spots, our production team can bring your concept to life. Our approach will be tailored to your needs, and we are comfortable working with budgets and timelines of all shapes and sizes — all without sacrificing quality.

Steps in the Process

• Talent Casting

• Live Action Video Shoots

• Music & Sound Design

• Video Editing

• Color Correcting

• Animation & VFX


Brand Videos

We understand the value of a strong brand video. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to articulate what a brand or campaign “feels like” in the very beginning, and our brand videos help breathe life into a creative campaign unlike any other medium. We’ve never met a client who said a brand video wasn’t worth making after the fact.


Social Video Content

Whether it’s a single message packed into a witty :06 spot, a DIY explainer video, or something in between, we’ve probably produced it. We thrive in this realm because our team is nimble, creative, and we have a deep understanding for what works in the medium.


TV Spots

No matter the concept, we have a vast set of resources and strong relationships with several partners we can lean on to help produce high-end commercials without overspending. From top-notch comedy directors to seasoned visual effects artists, we know who to tap to ensure creative integrity of your TV/OTT campaign.


Testimonial Videos

Sometimes no one tells your story better than your own audience. We have experience working with regular people who aren’t necessarily trained to be on camera, and that makes all the difference. We know how to strike the balance of making a highly polished production without intimidating the people we interview, that way we can ensure we capture their very best testimonials for your video.


Internal Communication Videos

Trying to find a way to communicate to your team without sending an email that no one will read? Look no further. We have experience working businesses to develop videos that can be used for training, orientation, or key updates that need to be distributed to a large audience. Our videos can help ensure your message communicates the appropriate tone to your team.

Video Production Case Studies