Be A Social Media Guru in 2017

Whether you’re snapping, tweeting, live streaming, or sharing, social media has the power to elevate your brand to new heights. But with an ever-changing social landscape and events that redefine internet culture, how do you stand out among your competitors and become a social media guru?


AZIMAWith 2017 in full swing, it’s important to consider how you can ensure that your social media chops are on the cutting edge. At the latest Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) event, three expert panelists came together to share their tips and tricks to keep you ahead of the social curve! Cecelia Romero, Elise Gould, and Julia Thompson shared their secrets on how to thrive in a social world where content and community engagement are the heart of brands and businesses today.


In case you missed it, here are my favorite takeaways from the discussion that will make you a social guru in 2017:


Small Budget, Big Impact 

So you’ve got grand ideas but a limiting budget? No worries. The trick to maximizing your budget is to use social media to amplify other areas of your brand or events. Use it to broaden the lifespan of a running campaign by extending it to a variety of channels or to publicize an upcoming promotion. If you want to put some power behind your posts, boost them! But be selective; be sure to promote the right ones. You can also really stretch your dollar by being hyperfocused in the content that you’re sharing on your social channels – if you have valuable content worth talking about, the money will practically make itself.


Don’t Be A Pest 

If you aren’t bold enough, you’ll go unnoticed. If you’re too overwhelming, you’ll be quickly overlooked. The secret to taking advantage of Snapchat without drowning your customer is simple: focus on the right audience. Millennials are taking Snapchat by storm so make sure to cater them.


With Millennials in mind, understand that they don’t like being smothered with advertising so be tactful and avoid being intrusive with content. Because geo-filters are unique to this channel, take advantage of them and truly make them your own. By using filters that promote or enhance an existing campaign or promotion, users are more inclined to participate with your brand. Snapchat captures the most exciting events and all the action so don’t be late to the party! Highly populated areas, popular locations, people and events are key things to consider when creating a filter to enhance your brand without being swiped away for the puppy filter.


Subtitles Aren’t Just For The Movies 

Live video streaming has taken video uploading to a new level. The key to being successful with integrating video on social is to first define what is a “good video”. Providing valuable and interesting content for your consumers still applies to this form of engagement, but with a little pizzazz. Your videos must have an immediate hook to draw users in but the most important feature is to include subtitles. Keep in mind that “views” don’t matter as much as the value of the video you’re sharing. But here’s the bottom line: if you don’t have subtitles, there’s a good chance that your video will be ignored. 85% of Facebook users choose not to use volume on video so it is essential that you provide on-screen text to keep your viewers tuned in. Don’t be one of those guys that missed the memo!


A Robot Can’t Connect with Your Audience 

The best way to connect with your audience is to understand them. Be in tune with their interests, style, and behavior. Having empathy and knowledge about who you are reaching ensures that your social strategies are relatable with human users. Also, interacting with your consumers about the content you’re sharing is the best way to get the most out of your social channels. Be engaged, but remember not to be too intrusive.


Don’t Be A Follower…Unless You’re On Twitter 

Whether it’s the Harlem Shake, the Mannequin Challenge, or Kermit the Frog, the internet is filled with 15 minute trends. They fill our news feeds and seem to make an impact, but do they really? Our experts told us that following the trends is actually something you want to avoid. Following a trend will not only distract users from your brand but will show inauthenticity. Entertaining these overnight sensations only adds to the noise. Stay true to your brand identity and ride out the wave.


Is Your Campaign Actually Working? How Can You Tell? 

To measure success of your social campaign, you must start by defining what you are trying to accomplish. Once you can articulate the end state, then you can fine tune it to align with your overall business goals. Take a look at what your competitors are doing! How are they engaging with their consumers and is it working for them? Learn from their successes and more importantly their mistakes. Also, keep a mental tally of your followers and subscribers. Though it’s not the end-all-be-all, it’s a great indication of who’s watching and consuming your content. Our experts also suggest leveraging tools such as Track Maven and Hootsuite to measure the success and reach of your social efforts.


Social Predictions for 2017

As we buckle up for yet another year in social media, our experts had a few predictions and advice for what is to come on the social horizon.

  1. Reengage your audience that may be more disconnected with the changing political climate
  2. Be mindful to have strong PR collaboration
  3. Be aware and weary of fake news
  4. Continue to break ground with new ideas




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