Customer Journey Map & Content Playbook

Symantec needed to increase qualified lead volume and conversion rate from lead to opportunity by 50%. Within their Data Loss Protection (DLP) product, Sales and Marketing knew they needed to better connect and communicate their unique value proposition to their audiences in order to build on their existing 32% share of the market.


Our Approach

Symantec set out to create a holistic Customer Journey Map (CJM) to better pinpoint the customer experience in purchasing their DLP product. We wanted to develop a content marketing plan that that makes actionable the insights outlined in the CJM.


The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line The resulting CJM delineated the sales process (buying) vs. the actual customer journey (shopping) for Symantec’s Influencing / Deciding Stakeholders, while the Content Playbook illustrated, in concrete examples and best practices, exactly how content marketing can assist in moving each stakeholder along at every stage of the sales process.

The Symantec Sales and Marketing team immediately took these learnings and applied them to their active opportunities within DLP. Additionally, Symantec leadership is actively educating product owners outside of DLP on this journey, as the DLP CJM provided insight into which other product lines these stakeholders are Influencing or Deciding stakeholders for, along with details as to when in the journey they are most likely to be cross-sold/up-sold, and how they like to have that sales information presented to them.

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Account-Based Marketing 

Overall, Symantec needed to increase qualified lead volume and conversion rate from lead to opportunity by 50%. In a growingly more complex marketplace of security options, Symantec wanted to provide their sales and marketing teams with a streamlined and repeatable process to obtaining net new meetings within Enterprise and Strategic Level Accounts.


Our Approach

Symantec set out to develop an Account Based Marketing (ABM) Playbook to aid their Marketing and Sales teams in 1:1 selling across Enterprise and Strategic Accounts. Through support from Symantec Sales and Marketing, LT worked to test multiple tactics in one market on newly active sales opportunities in order to include real-world examples within the Playbook.

After ranking the ideal target opportunities and conducting insight gathering on each decision maker (or influencer), unique sales approaches were tested to either capture attention of a new contact, or reengage a dormant one. Each approach leveraged a specialized Executive Door Opener (EDO) unique to their organization’s product need and their interests.


The Bottom Line

Two days after the EDOs were sent, Symantec Sales received a meeting acceptance from 33% of the contacts who had previously never engaged.

The process, resources, tactics and learnings were all documented in a final playbook that is being leveraged across Symantec Sales and Field Marketing. (Those teams will be continuously updating this Playbook with future tests and learnings across ABM.)