Powering the Brand Story 

About to open the largest manufacturing plant in the Western Hemisphere, First Solar approached LaneTerralever about launching a brand campaign that would differentiate them within an industry led by foreign companies. A consumer survey early in the partnership revealed low brand awareness, and a general lack of education around solar energy as a whole. There was an opportunity to be a thought leader in the solar energy space by educating the public on how solar energy works and why it’s critical to American independence. LaneTerralever launched an integrated campaign featuring an anthemic brand video that inspired the public to “Make The Most of the Day”.


We wanted this campaign to showcase how First Solar is making a difference daily, leading innovation as an American solar energy company.  We wrote this idea statement in order to emphasize how Fist Solar does "Make The Most of the Day": 

"At First Solar, we make every day count. not just with 25-gigawatts of sustainable energy production from sunup to sundown. But with cleaner solar module technology, invented and designed in America. 

We create value, curtains, and jobs that make a difference. Invest in new manufacturing to meet demand. Recruit the brightest minds to power not just the future of American energy, but America itself.

First Solar powers make more than energy. We make the most of the day, so you can make the most of your life.

First Solar, America's Solar Company."



We wanted the brand video for First Solar to show consumers how they can help Americans make the most of every day through their work.

Check it out below!