Establishing Landmark as a Household Name

Landmark Recovery is an addiction recovery center with 19 locations that focus on unlocking patients’ full potential. In the ultra-competitive market of recovery, Landmark wanted to create a brand story and visual identity that would stand out and inspire inquiring patients. After creating a brand book, updating their logo, and revising their color scheme our relationship quickly evolved into lead generation and media strategy as they entered new markets. Through our partnership with Landmark Recovery, LT has been able to fulfill set goals and see continued growth for the recovery center.

Healthcare Marketing Services

  • Brand strategy & market research
  • Brand identity
  • Lead generation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Digital media

Increasing Awareness & Market Share in the Addiction Recovery Space

Going in we were tasked with two goals at opposite ends of the funnel: 1) to increase brand awareness in key markets 2) increase the market share of call volume. Each of Landmark’s 19 locations had specific goals related to the number of monthly calls. Overall we sought a 50% increase in aided awareness over the course of 12 months for their Louisville, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas locations as well as driving call volume aimed at increasing patient volume.

Revving Up the Lead Generation Engine

From a lead generation perspective, our goal was to improve the weighted average of a set of target keywords to have an average ranking position of in the top 5 spots on google within 12 months for all current and new facilities. We also aimed to increase conversion rates across the site, with an increased emphasis on location-specific pages.


Competing in a Crowded Digital Marketing Landscape

Recovery is one of the most crowded and competitive industries for digital marketing. On top of the competition, marketing has to comply with HIPAA regulations, limiting digital targeting options and completely eliminating the prospect of leveraging common practices like retargeting altogether.

The Challenge We Faced

The challenge was to make Landmark Recovery the first choice when choosing a recovery option in a heavily saturated landscape. Since many of the Landmark locations were brand new, they were facing the challenge of competing with far more established competitors in specific markets. This was especially apparent when looking at the local search landscape.

An Integrated Healthcare Marketing Approach

Our content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Conversion Rate Optimization teams collaborated closely to increase rankings, traffic, and conversion rates while building the brand through content marketing efforts. The solution included full optimization of Landmark Recovery’s website, restructuring the content hierarchy, adding depth to content around target keywords, building new templates, and running constant CRO tests, both globally across the site in addition to specific high-value pages. While lead generation was the main marketing goal, we had to first establish a brand foundation.



Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Creating a brand strategy and visual identity was essential for making Landmark Recovery a recognizable name in the industry. Landmark wanted its brand to focus on the patient’s future potential. We created colorful imagery and branding that represented the new life that is found in recovery.

Local Search Strategies

Local search was also a heavy focus, as it dominates the search engine results page for this search category. Ongoing tactics to drive the relevancy and prominence of the profiles were at the core of our local search strategy. We took a multi-channel approach to drive reach and engagement.


Healthcare Media Strategies

From mass-visibility channels like out of home, TV, and radio to more targetable channels such as programmatic audio, streaming platforms, and paid social, we eliminated gaps in prospect media usage to maximize reach and achieve the awareness goals as quickly as possible while spending prudently. Multiple ads were tested and revised within each channel to continuously improve traffic and lead gen performance. The analysis consisted of both copy and image testing. Ad formats across various media channels included display, audio, and video versions.

Increasing Lead and Search Generation

SEO and Lead Generation Results

The primary SEO goal for Landmark was to increase phone calls from organic search. LT saw a 96% increase in call volume due to significant improvements in organic visibility within Landmark's locales.

Our efforts were focused on their Indianapolis and Oklahoma City locations to see the most growth. Overall we saw organic phone calls increase by 111%. Before partnering with LT, Landmark had one specific location with a call decrease of 37%. After our campaign, we regained rankings and increased call volume to 35% higher than the original starting point. Phone calls increased overall by 71% on Google My Business, and website traffic increased by 132%.

Impact on Brand Awareness 

In just 6 months, we saw a significant increase in on-brand awareness. In one targeted market we saw an increase of 49% in aided awareness. In other markets, we saw increases ranging from 38%-120% showing that across the board there was a significant increase in positive sentiment and willingness to recommend.

In the other measured markets, we saw

  • 33% increase in awareness
  • 8% increase in positive sentiment
  • 29% increase in willingness to recommend.

What Our Team Says

“This is our team’s favorite kind of work. It is highly competitive with clearly defined success metrics. With our client providing trust and flexibility, we were nimble and worked quickly to create the right content, make it visible, and convert website traffic at a higher rate.”

Scott Patten, SVP, Growth Marketing, LaneTerralever