Thirty-two miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah, lies Park City, an outdoor enthusiast's playground that offers world-class skiing and snowboarding, river rafting, fishing, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and much more. In 2002, the city hosted the world during the 19th Olympic Winter Games.

Promontory Club Explained

Nestled in the center of Park City is Promontory Club, a 6,400-acre, multi-generational, private mountain community that spans more than 11 square miles. This award-winning, one-of-a-kind enclave has amenities for all ages and seasons, including: two championship golf courses, a beach club, an equestrian center, bowling, indoor basketball, and 30+ miles of trails.

Twenty years ago, Pivotal Group's CEO, Francis Najafi, set aside a large section of Promontory--143 acres--for custom-built, luxury estates on 64 homesites. Pinnacle at Promontory is the company's vision for what an exclusive, ultra-high-end property should be.


  • Luxury Branding
  • Market Research
  • Creative Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Print Production

Challenges They Faced

Promontory Club faced several challenges with the Pinnacle project. Initially, their team was struggling to create a clear, compelling message that would capture Mr. Najafi's vision, the uniqueness of the community, and attract the attention of its distinct buyer audience.

Marketing To High-Net-Worth Individuals

Promontory has extensive marketing and sales experience selling high-end real estate, but felt the level of sophistication they wanted for this important legacy project, wasn't being communicated. In addition, Pinnacle's target audience is a very niche group of global buyers whose attention is difficult to earn.

Promontory residents generally: range in age from 30-50 years old, have families, and often represent one of the following groups:

  • "Bobo" (bourgeois + Bohemian) - Well-educated, 30-40 year-old consumers
  • Luxury Loyalist - 50+ year-old consumers who drive the high-end real estate market
  • New Aristocracy - High-net-worth, 25-49 year-old consumers.

Selling Without Model Homes In-Place

While the property offers some of the most majestic mountain views around, Promontory was struggling with the fact that no homes had yet been built. They wouldn't have the benefit of showing real custom-designed, luxury estates to inspire prospective buyers.

In addition, there were more than thirteen amenities that the Group wanted to highlight. These amenities and the Pinnacle opportunity, however, had to be marketed in a way that showcased the level of luxury and exclusivity to the specific audience, without minimizing the perceived value of Promontory Club as a whole.

Navigating a Long Sales Cycle

The sales cycle for selling ultra-luxury homes, to buyers who may already have a two or three residences, is very lengthy. Promontory Club recognized that to successfully sell its "crown jewel" to high-net-worth individuals in the U.S. and around the world--the 1% of the 1%--engaging a proven consulting firm was warranted.


Solution - A Dream within a Dream

LaneTerralever was hired to create inspiring content and assets that would help bring awareness and drive interest in Pinnacle at Promontory.

Based on several conversations with Mr. Najafi and the Promontory Club team, we suggested an overarching theme for the project: "A dream within a dream." This would be the guiding message linking all the creative assets.

We developed a script for a unique video that would incorporate captivating Point of View (POV) footage shot by drone. We filmed and produced this video striving to give viewers the physical sensation of: doing a fly-by past snow-covered mountain peaks, skiing down powder-filled runs, driving onto lush green golf courses, and walking out onto the warm, white sand beach at the property's lake.

The video incorporates different perspectives to highlight the breathtaking landscapes and immerse the viewer in the property's natural beauty. The tone is understated and sophisticated. It showcases Pinnacle's unique amenities that separate it from its competitors.

Even though there were no actual homes to feature, we artfully included several stunning designs into the video, to help viewers imagine their own dream residences.


Developing Luxury Brand Assets

We also created an elegant custom logo to tie the entire project together. Lastly, we wrote, designed, and produced an "Experiential Book" that Promontory Club uses every day for its direct sales efforts. Different from a standard sales piece, this "storybook" immerses readers in the exclusive and rare experience that can only be found at Pinnacle at Promontory.



While the results of the project are still being measured, Promontory Club has experienced some measurable benefits from the content assets that we created. For example, one member of the sales team noted, "the experiential book is so well done, we're excited to present it, and it adds to our confidence level when we're face-to-face with our elite clientele."

Mr. Najafi also commented, "The video is outstanding and really captures the ideas I had in my head for what Pinnacle at Promontory represents. Thanks to the LaneTerralever team for helping us get our message out in a way that inspires. You've all done an excellent job!"

The video is featured front-and-center on the community's website. It has already impacted website traffic, the number of video views, and increased engagement of people coming to the site.

As the project continues, Promontory Club will track website metrics and the number of:

  • Overall inquiries driven from online marketing activities
  • Visitors who tour the property
  • Homesite sales