Enter the New and Improved Teaching Channel 

In a saturated market of educational resources, Teaching Channel sought to differentiate itself by offering quality content and a seamless, intuitive learning experience for diverse educational stakeholders. The project's goal wasn’t merely a rebranding exercise but an ambitious plan to consolidate the rich resources from Learners Edge and Insight ADVANCE into a unified online presence. This transformation aimed to serve the nuanced needs of K-12 teachers, educational administrators, and faculty across various educational institutions.

Education Marketing Services

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Production
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The Challenge

This project's complexity came from the need to merge three brands and cater to multiple audience segments with distinct needs. The challenge for our teams was twofold: to streamline content in a way that resonates with each audience and to develop a unified but flexible digital architecture that could adapt to evolving educational trends and user needs.

Unifying a Fragmented Digital Ecosystem

The core of our strategy was to focus on a user-centric approach. The team developed initial wireframes to build a skeletal structure that would accommodate the multiple facets of the three entities involved. These wireframes underwent several iterations, influenced by collaborative discussions with numerous stakeholders. The result was a flexible framework serving various content types and user needs that can be used moving forward.

Navigating the User’s Journey

Navigating multiple educational resources could become overwhelming for users. With this in mind, we implemented a simplified top-level navigation system tailored to each specific audience segment. A Mega-menu was designed to allow users to delve deeper into their area of interest without feeling lost or overwhelmed. This system was crucial in achieving a clutter-free experience while guiding diverse users to various educational materials and resources.


Amplifying Content Strategy

The Content Hub was also critical to this website's digital transformation. It wasn't just about consolidating resources into one area of the site but organizing them in a way that was intuitive and value-driven. This hub became a wellspring of educational trends, classroom aides, webinars, and white papers. Whether it is a school administrator looking for new educational paradigms or a teacher seeking classroom resources, the hub offers something valuable for everyone in an easily navigable format.

Tailored E-commerce Experience

This website development's final essential aspect was providing a seamless e-commerce journey. The system was designed with the understanding that teachers often look for specific courses to fulfill precise certification needs. The design we provided allows for quick filtering based on criteria like content area, grade level, and course levels, making the search process efficient and user-friendly.

Initial Results

The results show the project's success, particularly in organic search performance.

Increase in Organic Visibility - 20.6% 
Increase in Mobile Page Speed - 53.6%
Increase in Organic Sessions - 34.7%


By focusing on a unified digital presence and a meticulously crafted content strategy, we’ve helped Teaching Channel become more than just another educational resource; it's now a comprehensive solution for educators at all levels.

What Our Clients Say

Learners Edge and Teaching Channel have engaged LaneTerralever on several significant projects over the last 18 months. Each time, the LT team exceeded our expectations with their passionate and strategic outlook and ability to make an intense and demanding process collaborative and fun. They are responsive and versatile, readily pivoting with us to help identify optimal solutions for our business. Most importantly, they have delivered on their promise to help us enhance our customer experience, and our projects remained on time and within budget. I strongly recommend LaneTerralever to any organization seeking a strategic partner to transform its business and accelerate growth, and I look forward to working with them again soon.

Mike Smith, President, Teaching Channel