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Leisure Consumer Trends Report

How Attractions and Entertainment Destinations Must Adapt to the Visitors of Today & Tomorrow

Visitor Mindsets Across Generations, Affluence & Attraction Type

Visitors’ behaviors and expectations around attractions and entertainment destinations have changed dramatically in recent years. We have seen lasting changes from the pandemic, the growth and impact of specific populations, and shifts in the labor pool, which directly impact the service experience. This seemed like the perfect time to take a pulse of the consumer, so we partnered with IAAPA to field a U.S. national research study of 1,497 attraction visitors across four generations (ages 18 to 70).

  • 67% of Millennials are willing to pay incrementally for unique, never-before-seen entertainment options, compared to 36% of Boomers and 49% of Gen X.
  • 75% of destination visitors are willing to pay more for less time in line, and 85% of affluent Americans say the same.
  • 80% are more likely to be loyal to an attraction whose purpose or mission is aligned with their values. 48% are willing to pay more to visit an attraction with a strong sustainability commitment.


of all visitors surveyed plan to visit attractions with the same or greater frequency in 2024 as they did in 2023 (with Gen Z and affluent Americans feeling most positive)


What We Cover in the Report

There is a great opportunity for attraction operators to improve the visitor journey across generations. We’ve identified the most impactful insights that executives, marketers, and guest experience professionals at attractions or entertainment destinations with operations in the U.S. The report takes an in-depth look at several areas, including:

  • Who Are Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Attractions Visitors?
  • What Visitors Seek (By Attraction Type and Affluence)
  • Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Destination vs. Local Attractions
  • Role of Sustainability & Edutainment

Four Segments Revealed

We decided to survey visitors across all generations to see how each audience compares and how operators should uniquely cater to each group. The audience segments include:

  • The Attraction Affluent: This group has the spending power to visit both local and destination attractions.
  • The Raving Fans: Although they cut across all age segments, these consumers include Gen Z and Millennials, seeking unique experiences and quickly sharing their recommendations across social media.
  • The Smart & Sustainable Seekers: As awareness of planet-friendly practices grows, these visitors are also researching sustainability and may factor that into their decision-making.
  • The Socializers: These visitors seek out experiences to be enjoyed with friends. 



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