Casino Player Trends Report:
An Inside Look Through a Generational Lens

How Casinos Must Change Their Approach
to Loyalty, Customer Experience, &
Online Sports Betting

Player Behaviors & Expectations in a Changing Landscape

As a result of the changes casinos have seen in recent years, we sought to gain a deeper understanding of how casino operators can better communicate with players and deliver world-class experiences that will inspire long-term loyalty. Our team fielded a study of more than 1,384 casino players across four generations, interviewed notable casino executives, and spoke with casino players across all generations. 

  • 67% of all players only belong to 1 or 2 casino/sports betting loyalty programs.
  • 48% of Gen Z players and 36% of Millenial players have only bet online but never bet at an in-person casino.
  • 74% of all players expect their preferred casino to have a mobile app.
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of Gen Z and Millennials  said the legalization of sports betting made them more likely to visit a casino in-person

What We’ll Cover in the Report

There is great opportunity for casino operators to improve the casino player’s journey through the lens of four unique generations. We’ve identified the most impactful insights that apply to several core areas that make up the casino experience. Our national survey of casino players across generations resulted in a report that includes the following:

  • Emerging Trends in Loyalty
  • Expectations Around Customer Experience 
  • Impact of Online Sports Betting
  • 4 Key Insights & Marketing Opportunities
  • 3 Personas for Marketing

Player Insights by Generation

We decided to survey players across all generations to take a look at how each audience compares on loyalty, customer experience, and sports betting to see how operated should uniquely cater to each group. These were broken into four main demographics:

  • Gen Z - Playing for the Experience
  • Millennial - Technology-Driven Player
  • Gen X - Incentive-Focused Player
  • Boomer -  In-Person Gaming Seeker

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