Student Insights Report:
Gen Z in the Driver’s Seat

How Graduate Schools Can Evolve
To Appeal to Students Across Generations

New Generation of Grad Students Becoming a Priority

Gen Z has become an increasingly important audience for all marketers to consider. In recent years, those working in higher education have gotten to know this student population through freshman enrollment, which has become a primary focus for graduate school programs. Our team surveyed 920 prospective graduate school students to understand better how the generations differ and what that means for schools. Consider this:

  • 38% of Gen Z say they are more interested in pursuing grad school currently due to the pandemic.

  • 60% of all surveyed are the first in their family to attend grad school.

  • 47% of all surveyed will rely on some form of self-funding.

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Digital Marketing & Student Experience Insights For Higher Education

There are significant opportunities for marketing and communications leaders to better engage with Gen Z students and those across different generations. We’ve identified the most impactful strategies that apply to a variety of schools including:

  • Graduate Schools
  • Business Schools
  • Medical Schools & Healthcare Programs
  • Computer Science Programs
  • Colleges of Education
  • Colleges of Engineering
  • Law Schools

On-Demand Webinar Included

If you are busy and would like our expert takeaways without digging through all the data, we’ve designed a session for you! When you download the report, we'll also provide you access to our webinar, which includes research highlights - and action items - in less than 20 minutes. You'll learn directly from two of our best. 

  • Lauren Hillery - VP, Brand Strategy at LaneTerralever
  • Corynn Myers - Strategist at Convince & Convert

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of Gen Z will rely on some form of financial assistance.

What We’ll Cover in the Report

Many schools don’t have a game plan for connecting with this younger student audience, as the grad student of today is more Millennial or Gen Z than they are Baby Boomer or Gen X. Our national survey of students across generations resulted in a report that includes:

  • Pandemic Impact on Graduate School
  • Looking at Generational Differences (Gen Z Deep Dive)
  • 5 Student Insights & Marketing Opportunities
  • Graduate School Marketing Going Forward

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