Collecting Data Requires Collaboration. And It Gets Chaotic.

When you get serious about measurement and optimization, the process will touch many stakeholders beyond a marketing department, including IT, agency partners and more. Managing the complexity is difficult. And all these different groups and individuals creating and executing campaigns across a wide array of media can create an environment of organized chaos that will decrease your opportunities for effectiveness and optimization.

Define And Mobilize The Right Data Strategy.

Our marketing intelligence team provides the strategy, structure, methods and tracking to communicate the performance of all your marketing and advertising efforts and deliver actionable insights for optimization.

Introduce Formal Data Governance

Step one: get all of your data in one place. To do that, we’ll develop an Attribution Solution Model Guideline (ASMG) in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA) to define your measurement protocols and create a bridge between your offline and digital channels, website content and user experience reports.

Provide Ongoing Analytics, Analysis And Attribution

We’ll set up your backend to produce detailed, actionable insights and reports that measure interaction, engagement and conversion across campaigns and channels. We’ll also perform ongoing maintenance of your data through a quarterly Data Integrity Scorecard (DIS) so all teams across all departments will be able to believe and trust in your data.

Create And Maintain Custom Dashboards

Our goal is to put your foot on the throttle so you can control the pace. That’s why we create at-a-glance insights and reporting on marketing efforts so you can measure campaign performance in real time and make data-driven decisions, identify revenue streams, and optimize campaigns.

Define Attribution Models

Our reports will identify which channels are contributing to conversions, which campaigns are working with which segments, where your advertising budget is improving conversion, and which lead sources and mediums are converting.

Manage Process and Change Control

Through GTM Version Control, GA Annotations and GA Automated Alerts, you can be sure you have the most up-to-date data, thorough documentation of metrics, and automated alerts about campaign performance.

Mark Bertrand, Director of Analytics

“In order to be a high-growth company, you need to put yourselves in a position where your customers’ data combined with analytics drive all decision-making. From strategy to creative, from structure to flight, and from design to sales, at every step of the process you’ll need to have the right data to succeed.”


How Accurate Is Your Data?

Get A Free Checkup.

If you installed the free or the premium Google Analytics code on your website but haven’t configured the administration modules for the property and the views, you’re likely working with very contaminated, inadequate data.

Our Data Integrity Scorecard (DIS) provides a 30-point checkup of your data.

The checkup will identify where your data is strong, and where it needs to be shored up. Our Marketing Intelligence team will provide a complimentary, no-obligation DIS. Complete the form below to request your free DIS analysis.