Born from part of Massage Envy's founding team, Sirius Day Spa was your average spa and wellness brand geared toward franchisees. The brand was acquired by a group of investors in 2019 who wanted to flip the day spa script on its head and provide a fresh new look and feel and an all-new membership model.

With franchisees being a huge part of the overall business model, Sirius Day Spa knew it needed its rebrand rooted in a solid, marketable foundation that would appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The goal? Open 20 of the new branded concepts within 2020 and all 400+ franchise opportunities over the next several years.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Logo Development
  • Creative Development
  • Video Production
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing

The Challenge

With a saturated market of day spas, how does Sirius rebrand to make themselves stand out from the pack while providing a more accessible, unique spa experience to their target audience and make a desirable new opportunity for potential franchisees?

Narrowing Down the Meaning of Wellness

People are already heavily investing their expendable cash in health, wellness, and beauty, but those terms are broad and often rooted in trends. How do we get this community of wellness seekers to understand that they can consolidate that spend into a one-stop-shop that focuses on whole-self wellness?

Establishing Something New While Reinventing Something Old

This new spa needed to find its place in the market without alienating existing Sirius customers. It needed to be carefully positioned in the market to promote the idea of wellness as a crucial part of day-to-day life.


The Solution: Shake Up the Spa World

We wanted to root this brand on the idea that wellness is attainable for all. In a land of posh and pricey or medical and sterile, the newly branded CLOVR Life Spa would be a unique and welcoming spa with a membership model designed for optimum health and wellness.

It would be the definition of chill. And all would be welcome to this new meaning of wellness.

Growing a New Franchise Brand

CLOVR Life Spa was born from an intersection of aspirational brand ideals and boutique lifestyle brand feel. Consumers are looking for an entire package experience from the moment they set foot inside a store or location. CLOVR’s look and feel were founded upon aesthetics that are not typically seen in the spa and wellness category. By elevating the brand name and coining the signature phrase “life spa,” CLOVR was introduced to the marketplace as a shift in the humdrum day spa world.

A Spa For Your Life, Not Just Your Day

Whether a consumer or franchisee, CLOVR’s messaging strategy had to appeal to both. Audiences would need to be inspired and see themselves in an attainable lifestyle without losing the allure of feeling they are a part of something exclusive. That’s why CLOVR would be a life spa instead of a day spa. This signature term coined specifically for their membership model reinforces the core principle--spa services are not a luxury; they are foundational to your overall well-being.


A New Model That Invites You To Chill

Both visually and through copywriting, CLOVR would need to feel radically different from any other spa. It would need to invite you into a lifestyle that you not only deserve but need. The tone would emphasize three key values of the brand: chill, welcoming, and confident. In every aspect of language, CLOVR would feel curated, comfortable, modern, and fresh.

Visually, you wouldn’t see imagery centered around typical spa services. In fact, you wouldn’t see spa services at all. The overall look and feel would invoke a vibe, a feeling within the audience--It would put them in a position to envision themselves as a part of this lifestyle. Utilizing lifestyle imagery and soft, warm neutrals CLOVR would stand out from other spas in the marketplace.

Establishing The Anti-Membership

The central focus of the membership messaging was a membership for the member by the member. Every dollar you paid in went back toward your services. Unused dollars are never lost; they roll over from month to month. Dollars can go toward any service or combination of services or retail products that you want. You’re never locked in with a contract; feel free to come and go as you please.


Flagship Location Grand Opening

CLOVR Life Spa Uptown Plaza opened in late February of 2020. The flagship location celebrated by having a media and influencer event in the afternoon and a full grand opening party for potential franchisees and the public later that evening. The combined reach for influencers was over 600 thousand unique users on social media, and we had 12 media partners agree to cover the grand opening of the spa. The ribbon cutting was a large success and was attended by the who's who of the greater Phoenix valley.


Measuring Success

When looking at success for CLOVR, there were two key indicators we were looking to measure: membership acquisition and franchise opportunities. The goal for memberships was for the flagship Uptown Plaza location in Phoenix to gain 150 members within the first 3 months of being open. They hit that goal within the first 3 weeks.

Moving Beyond The Pandemic

Shortly after launching the rebrand and flagship store opening the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like many businesses that rely on foot traffic, they took a hit. We look forward to working with our partners at CLOVR as they find ways to adapt to a new way of operating. We still believe they are poised for incredible growth as we make our way through the pandemic.

What Our Clients Say

"From day one, the LaneTerralever team has nothing but impressed us! They have not only worked within the tight timeline we needed but have not skipped a beat - even with short-notice changes.”

- Danny Falero, CMO at CLOVR Life Spa