Inspirato is a luxury resort destination organization. Members enjoy access to a portfolio of vacation homes, experiences, and exclusive privileges. As a service to their members, Inspirato developed a magazine which included descriptions and images of the array of destinations they have to offer. The magazine, comprised of editorial travel content, award-winning photography and writing, member experiences, and more, strived to appeal to those who were in tune with the luxury lifestyle. By helping with the development of the Inspirato magazine, we were able to understand what a High Net Worth Individual cares about and the type of relationship they wish to develop with a luxury brand.

Deepening Connections with Their Members

The ultimate goal of creating the member magazine was to help Inspirato find a way to build a deeper connection with their clients. Inspirato had a plan to develop a magazine with consistent publishing of content that was exclusive to clients. But how would they be able to pull it all together? Enter LaneTerralever.


  • Magazine design
  • Print production
  • Content marketing
  • User experience design
  • Mobile application design
  • Mobile application development

Building a Luxury Magazine
From the Ground Up

In a time when magazines were becoming obsolete, our goal as the publisher was to create a redesign that promoted Inspirato's actual inventory to its members while also giving them something tangible that would serve as a constant physical reminder of their membership with Inspirato. 

We hired a team of editors with vast experience in writing and photography for travel and hospitality publications. Our goal was to keep the magazine fresh, beautiful, and relevant. We led the vision for the magazine and were able to determine the contents including features like travel recommendations, member spotlights, and cuisine articles. We knew that the content had to reflect the luxury lifestyle the brand enabled, which is why we used award-winning writers and photographers to appeal to the type of person who would be receiving the magazine. 

Our intention with the magazine was to have it be a key perk people would come to expect from an Inspirato membership. We wanted members to look forward to each issue with the hopes of creating a palpable experience that they couldn't achieve solely online while also using it as a tool to inspire their next vacation destination.


Adding a Digital Component

While the printed magazine acted as the physical tool for members, we also wanted to provide a digital copy of the publication to be accessed through desktop computers and mobile devices. We envisioned the digital version to completely encompass the high-end and voice-driven content of the magazine itself. In order for this initiative to work at scale, it needed to be treated as a publishing platform which had not been perfected by even the biggest and best publishing houses in the world.

Inspirato unwind magazine


Due to our creative expertise with Inspirato's original travel content as well as the design for both the physical and digital publications in iOS and Android formats, today, Inspirato is used as a self-promotional marketing device for new member development and member retention efforts, with about 27,500 quarterly issues in circulation.



Issues in circulation and growing


New members since 2013

What our clients say

"Working with LaneTerralever, our experience has been excellent every time. In February 2017, the Inspirato won a Silver Addy for Magazine Design. We are grateful for the quality of work and ease of communication brought forth by LT."

- Brian McCarthy, Director Brand Marketing