LaneTerralever Adds Eight New Clients to the Roster

June 11, 2020 | By: LaneTerralever | 3 min read

LaneTerralever Grows Expertise in Education Marketing, B2B Marketing, and Adds Numerous Arizona Based National Brands

 LT adds Education Marketing, B2B Marketing and Arizona Based National Brand Marketing Clients

Our team always loves to seek out a good challenge. 2020 sure has put that statement to the test for us all. During this time, some of our clients have struggled while others have thrived. We're fortunate to have an agile team in place that has allowed us to go 100% remote as an agency and still deliver for our clients.

A couple of times a year, we like to share the news about new partnerships and projects we've taken on. Given the uncertainty we've all been through the last couple of months, we're a little bit delayed with our Q1 announcement. That said, "we are more grateful than ever to partner with the individuals at these incredible organizations. We're proud to have you as part of the LT family!"

Amongst the diverse additions, we are expanding our client roster in Education marketing, B2B marketing, and Arizona based national brands.

Education Marketing


K12 is one of the nation’s leading national, tech-enabled education companies providing online education solutions for students in pre-K through 12th grade. Their platforms cater to advanced learners, homeschoolers, college- and career-minded, those who need extra support and those with alternative schedules like athletes, performers, and military families.

LaneTerralever is working with K12 on their new career readiness programs called “Destinations Career Academy,” giving students the tools they need to succeed in college, the workforce, and beyond.

“We are thrilled to have the talented team at LT join us as we expand the Destinations Career Academy brand.”

- Todd Goldthwaite, Chief Marketing Officer at K12

LaneTerralever expands portfolio as a higher education marketing agency

Southern California University of Health Sciences 

Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) is an innovative, non-profit institution of higher education. Leading the charge in changing how patients are treated, SCU has spent the past 100 years educating students on how to be caring, integrated healthcare practitioners.

LaneTerralever is working with SCU to strategically revamp and redesign the university's website. By improving user flow, students will have a clearer understanding of the programs offered and how SCU creates patient-focused practitioners. In addition, the revamp and redesign will help students looking to quickly advance their medical journey gain a better understanding of SCU’s Accelerated Science Course offerings.

"We are very excited to partner with LaneTerralever to turn our site into something that better represents our organization and communicates to our students more effectively!"

- Jim Brenner, Executive Director of Marketing at SCU

B2B Marketing

First Solar

First Solar is the leading global provider of large-scale solar electricity having developed, financed, engineered, constructed, and operated many of the world’s largest grid-connected PV power plants. LaneTerralever is working with First Solar to develop a brand campaign that raises brand awareness and positive sentiment toward solar energy as a clean alternative to fossil fuels within the larger energy mix.

b2b marketing for first solar


Indecomm is a global innovation partner focused on providing product development and engineering services to its growing list of clients worldwide. Adding to our experience in B2B marketing, LaneTerralever is working with Indecomm on global marketing initiatives to set a clear vision for the future of the brand.

Arizona Based National Brands

USA BMX / BMX Canada 

USA BMX / BMX Canada is the world's largest BMX racing organization with over 320 sanctioned tracks and nearly 60,000 members in the USA and Canada. The sport of BMX is for kids of all ages and helps build confidence and goal setting, develops strong minds and bodies, and helps focus energy in a positive direction.

LaneTerralever is working with USA BMX / BMX Canada to help promote the sport to parents and kids through local track marketing and website development. The new website will include redesigned messaging and site architecture, a streamlined membership sign-up process, and improved events and track location search.

LaneTerralever expands portfolio in Arizona Based National Brands


Troon is a third-party management company committed to providing best in class hospitality and club management services servicing over 460 locations, 510 golf courses, and clubs employing 15,000 associates worldwide. Troon has undergone a series of acquisitions in the past few years, bringing six brands under the Troon umbrella, including OB Sports, Honours Golf, Green Golf Partners, RealFood, Cliff Drysdale Tennis, and CADDIEMASTER®. 

Given Troon’s recent brand acquisitions and potential future acquisition efforts, they hired LaneTerralever to perform a brand audit, run a market analysis, and create a brand architecture recommendation. Taking the project a step further, the agency created a services structure to enable Troon to create better margins in their contracts and support future growth. 

Additional, Noteworthy Clients

Plaza Companies 

Founded in 1982, Plaza Companies is a full-service real estate firm specializing in leasing, management, and development of some of the most innovative projects in Arizona.

To drive more inquiry conversions, LaneTerralever and Plaza Companies are working together to improve their website architecture and content offering to be more SEO-driven. The agency will also implement a knowledge center to increase search value and entry points for potential, qualified leads.

"We are pleased to have the Plaza Companies team work with LaneTerralever to create a website that will help us achieve our company’s goals for expansion in the Arizona commercial real estate marketplace. Our goal is to showcase our company’s extensive expertise in the industry and we’re confident the new website will help do that and more."

– Sharon Harper, Chairman and CEO at Plaza Companies


Kefiplant is an award-winning, leading producer of plant-based fermentations for food, supplement, cosmetics, and animal nutrition manufacturers. Through PR and Influencer marketing, LaneTerralever is helping Kefiplant generate awareness of a new food and beverage category called Symbiosis Food. Symbiosis Food enables manufacturers to swap out traditional processed ingredients with patented, calorie-free, gut-friendly, plant-based ingredients (like fermented stevia).

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