May 2, 2018 | By: Melanie Mulvihill | 1 min read

When we aren’t too busy promoting dinosaurs, we like to get our hands dirty helping the Phoenix community. How? Read on.

Last week our entire office – designers, account managers, production artists and the like – spent half of the day helping out our client and friends at Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo.

We were welcomed into the Neely Center, where we were greeted by Phoenix Zoo employees, a porcupine and an armadillo. After checking out the animals digging for treats, we got to work. What did we do exactly? Paint!

We helped paint bird feeders and boxes for their upcoming Día del Niño event! One of the Zoo’s biggest events celebrates children, animals and Hispanic culture. It features a variety of family-friendly entertainment and activities, all with a festive Latin flair!

All of the boxes we painted will be used as animal pinatas – the animal cracks it open to find it full of treats for behavioral enrichment!

flowerspainting 2

paintingbird feederspainting morepainting with kids

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