April 28, 2017 | By: Tyler Kurbat | 2 min read

added valueFrom creative content to mass syndication, influencer marketing has its perks. It’s no wonder more and more brands are reserving marketing dollars to enlist in the support of niche talent with very engaged networks. And the more we launch influencer programs the more benefits we discover for our clients. There is added value of influencers around every turn.

Courting sparks awareness

Let’s face it, not every influencer you speak to is going to enlist in the project ahead. That’s perfectly okay. Most influencers hold their fan base and its interests very closely. This requires brands and agencies to brainstorm and collaborate alongside each influencer to truly determine if the campaign parameters and deliverables are in the right wheelhouse.


The plus side is that all the while, this courting and research phase informs top industry talent that your brand is committed to innovative projects that connect with modern audiences. It puts you on the radar and allows your brand to network with some of the most influential social media creators, bloggers, vloggers and beyond.


Front of mind leads to word of mouth and that’s a win any day.

Authentic brand advocacy

Marketing is fun. Especially when you work with a team of big thinkers, visual artists and captivating personalities. And when marketing is fun, influencers tend to gravitate to and support your brand long after the contract wraps up.


Check out some of your favorite Instagram accounts. Sure, individuals tag brands that pay for posts, but six, eight, ten months down the line, you may notice they’ll tag the jacket they’re wearing, the vehicle in the background, the camera lens they’re using and so on. Influencers tend to “pay it forward” and shine light back on the companies and projects that allow them to live their lifestyles.


If your project is brag worthy and progressive, heartfelt and inspiring, chances are everyone involved will continue to associate with your brand well after project launch. Every post is that much more relevance and exposure for your brand and its future.

Behind-the-scenes and content layers

Not unlike our previous point, brand projects give influencers the unique space and resources to dream and create. For the most part, emerging influencers remain very thankful for the opportunity and investment.


It’s no surprise then that many projects spawn behind-the-scenes vlogs, shout outs and extra media that drives new users into your digital ecosystem. Whether it’s Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook Live or full blown YouTube episodes, core digital channels are clearly poised for daily content syndication and the more you stay on an influencer radar, the more your brand taps into theirs.


Branded content certainly has its place, but how much more valuable is an authentic authority sharing genuine interest and satisfaction with your brand? It’s validating and incredible valuable.


These plugs not only maximize your investment, but showcase your brand, its products and its vision over and over again. Let’s not forget that YouTube is a colossal search engine in and of itself which drives evergreen views to this content daily. That’s new eyes on new days, time and time again. That’s authoritative backlinks, product integration and mentions, tags and more that shine positive light on your investment.

Industry awards and creative recognition

Influencer content is typically very captivating. The aesthetic value is usually wonderfully executed, the partnerships are often newsworthy, and the hype surrounding a project launch is incredibly exciting.


As more brands deploy key influencers, the agencies and marketing teams behind the big ideas gain more recognition and clout in given market, region and discipline.


The list goes on and on. If you’re interested in influencer marketing and how it might empower your brand, give us a shout. We’ve mastered the workflow, guidance and collaboration that helps creative campaigns come to life. We’re happy to join you from ideation to deployment to help your brand reach new heights!

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