APSA Presentation 2022: The Importance of “Non Traditional” Higher Ed

June 7, 2022 | By: LaneTerralever | 1 min read

Why You Need to Consider Non-Traditional Students 

Recently, LaneTerralever's VP of Brand Strategy, Lauren Hillery, had the opportunity to speak at the Arizona Private School Association (APSA) Annual Best Practices Conference on why it’s A “Great” Time to be in the Business of “Non-Traditional” Education. 

The importance of the non-traditional student audience is increasing as their population is growing. 


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Why The Change? 

People’s perspective of non-traditional education is shifting. In a recent study, 33% of people thought trade school was a better option than conventional college. 

The pandemic created large shifts in people’s views of college and the experience some have with it. For example, 75% of formerly in-person students are choosing to remain online, while 45% of non-traditional students are more likely to consider other career options post-pandemic.

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