How to Distribute the Right Content to the Right People.

August 11, 2014 | By: Megan Breinig | 2 min read

Marketers will agree across the map that having awesome content amplifies your brand’s digital presence. However, having the right content does not necessarily mean that it’s reaching the correct people. And if great content is online and no one is there to read it, does it really make a sound? At LaneTerralever we focus on not only producing relevant content, but also making sure that it reaches and influences the audience that we intend it to. In this article I will highlight a couple of ways that you can make sure your brand’s content is working in your favor.

Identify and study your market

You can push content until the cows come home, but it won’t do much good if you don’t push it towards an audience that finds it relevant. First take a step back and look at your product, identify the psycho/demo-graphics of your primary consumer, and get your study on. Researching your target market’s habits, favorite platforms, and online usage is essential before you start distributing content. Once you’ve completed your research you can begin pushing your content through the identified outlets. Using a resource like Outbrain is another option for maximizing audience outreach. Outbrain is a company created to help your audience discover more content on your site that is interesting to them. They do this through distributing links on other related websites and high traffic portals. The more activity online the more traffic.


Even out your producing and promotion time

Many brands spend ample time creating great content but not enough time in the self-promotional stage. Sure, consumers might search and stumble upon your content via SEO, keyword match, or sheer coincidence, but It’s much more effective to put awesome content in front of your target market several times. Making your content responsive and easily shareable is another way to initiate the ripple effect, which ultimately enables the consumer to do part of the marketing for you.

Use Analytics

It’s important to find out what works and what doesn’t work. Cold hard statistics are much more dependable than a hunch, and their relevance in marketing is increasing by the minute. Luckily, Wordpress and Facebook both have built in analytics that enable users to monitor post success, click through, and outreach. Pay close attention to these numbers. If a specific topic gets more activity or feedback than another, consider creating more content about that topic, then see how that content performs. Find what the common denominator of success is. If you are using a different venue to push content Taboola is another helpful resource. Taboola studies the way people behave as they interact with content to determine whether that experience was engaging. It provides statistics that predict and surface what 'content from around the web' sites visitors are highly likely to be interested in. This ultimately allows brands to distribute content more effectively through Taboola, and drive new, loyal and engaged audiences to their site.

The moral of the story here is that even good content is irrelevant if you don’t engage the right audience. By identifying that audience, researching their habits, pushing the content, and analyzing the aftermath you can your brand’s content impact from a dusty portal to a driving force. The time to better your content strategy is now - what are you waiting for?

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