How to Encourage Top Performers

March 9, 2015 | By: Michelle archambault | 2 min read


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Every organization has a handful of top performers, those people who seem to accomplish double the work in the same amount of time as other employees. Maybe it’s their amazing ability to juggle three things at once and execute them all with flying colors. Maybe it’s their extra-added effort and time that keeps them at the top of the pack. Regardless of the reason, it is important to ensure that your organization’s employees are supported and willing to keep performing at their full potential. Today we will share some tips that LaneTerralever has found helpful to make sure that our valued employees know they are appreciated and are able to work in a thriving atmosphere.

1. Collaborative work areas

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. Sometimes the only thing a great idea needs to come to the surface is a couple of creative heads to think in cohesion for a bit. Providing plenty of meeting space and open office layout can be extremely beneficial for employee production as employees are empowered to bounce ideas and concepts off of each other.

2. Creative challenges

Everyone loves a good game. Did you know that employees respond to challenges more than old fashion monetary incentives? Making a goal game-like is a great way to incentivize productivity. Research shows that people respond to challenges and are likely to deliver more when in a challenging atmosphere.

3. Open communication with management

The importance of two-way communication between employees and management is paramount. It is essential that employees are free to ask questions and are aware of what is expected of them. At LaneTerralever, each manager is encouraged to hold bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with their team members. This allows employees to collaborate, share ideas, and express concerns, that in turn could maximize productivity. Open communication is another reason we use TINYpulse. TINYpulse is an online workplace database where employees can anonymously let their managers know how satisfied they are in the workplace. The goal of TINYpulse is to give leaders a pulse on how happy, tired, productive, or frustrated their employees are feeling so that they can build bridges to spark dialogue for positive change.

4. Recognition

As humans we like to be recognized when we achieve a goal or perform well. We believe in an open communications model and giving credit where credit is due. Mad Props is a recognition tool developed by the agency that enables employees to give “mad props” or kudos to other employees in the company when they feel that they are doing a good job. An email is sent out bi-weekly compiled of all of the gathered Mad Props throughout the week.

These tips are certainly not the only means for keeping your top performers happy and thriving, simply some that have worked well for us.

What are some actions that have encouraged top performers in your workplace? Share in the comments below!

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