October 28, 2013 | By: Elise Gould | 1 min read
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As chief content officer of MarketingProfs, Ann Handley is an expert in building relationships for organizations and individuals through creating and managing digital content.

Over the past few years, digital content marketing has taken on a more important role in businesses’ marketing plans. Ann Handley shares her expertise in this field as a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, a blogger for the MarketingProfs Daily Fix and contributor to the Huffington Post, Mashable and American Express OPEN Forum. She also co-authored “Content Rules,” a guide to building a loyal following through creating engaging web content. As an expert in the creation and management of digital content, we asked chief content officer of MarketingProfs Ann Handley, “How will the content marketing landscape be different in 5 years?"

“Brands will have embraced content marketing not as a bolted-on part of their marketing mix, but as the central strategy.”

I think Ann hit the nail on the head with her short but sweet response. She once elaborated on this topic in a previous blog interview I'd done with her on content creation back in 2011. According to Ann, content marketing is all-inclusive.

"...the truth is that content isn’t just text. It’s also photos, videos, webinars, audio, Slideshare presentations, your Twitter stream or curated headlines, puppet shows, and whatever else you can dream up. Here’s the bottom line: Content is anything you create or share that tells your story."

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Do you think content marketing will take over marketing by 2018?


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