Marketing in 5: Marty Weintraub on the Future of Online Advertising

November 11, 2013 | By: Elise Gould | 2 min read

Marty Weintraub is the Founder & Evangelist of aimClear® an international online marketing agency, dominant in audience targeting and customer acquisition.  aimClear works with a range of inspired businesses from iconic brands to guerrilla startups.

After piloting aimClear to INC. 500 status as CEO, Marty is now focused on guiding aimClear's extensive training programs, defining agency vision, writing, speaking, networking, and leading industry studies. Marty was recently named the US Search Personality of the Year.  

Marty is a fixture in the Industry as a speaker, writer and thought leader.  In recent years, he has authored two Wiley/Sybex books, “Killer Facebook Ads” (2011) and “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide” (2013), which have quickly become online marketing bookshelf staples.

Because of his vast experience in the industry, we asked Marty Weintraub, "What do you think the online advertising industry will look like in 5 years?"

“In five years radical audience targeting and filtered retargeting of users will be ubiquitous. It’s 2013 and Google has already created the first self-contained network that does just that at scale. In five years nearly the entire global Internet marketing system will be wired in similar, modular, systems that merge the very best of what we see today in Google, Facebook and emergent third data provider objects.

Cookies will have been largely replaced by persistent state multi-device data objects owned and for sale from a relative few multi-channel conglomerates and consortiums. That data will be the mashed up amalgamate deep-merge of most data points we’ve been working with separately:

  • Household “classic” demographic data, including surveys
  • Search data of all types
  • Retail CRM data and purchase history
  • Device usage and psychographics including set top and mobile
  • First party data, how personas behavior in content on sites we own
  • Public & deal drive private crowd-sourced many-channel search and social listening by Boolean query
  • The plethora of third party data (BlueKai, IXI, Neustar, etc…) already available today, targeted in many channels and network/data provider partner data deals. “My first party REtargeting is YOUR third party targeting!”
  • Mobile, geo, wearable feedback, implanted biosensors, etc.
  • Social network usage, psychographics & search
  • Data provider and network partnerships of all types (including ISPs), the ability to push most any data anywhere and as defined by crucial industry corporate relationships.

In short, we’ll be able to target layers and layers of human travels and travails over the entire search and social Internet.

Ironically human creativity will remain the differentiator in psychographic audience targeting/customer acquisition systems. The spoils will go to marketers truly able to connect truth-of-fantastic-value of a product with audiences who want and need those products.”

[Tweet "In five years radical audience targeting and filtered retargeting of users will be ubiquitous." - @aimclear"]

As always, Marty has shared some interesting and futuristic insights. Do you agree with Marty that this much will change?

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