February 6, 2014 | By: Elise Gould | 1 min read
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In a day and age where new, advanced mobile devices are landing in the hands of consumers every few months, mobile can no longer remain an add-on to your strategies. According to eMarketer, mobile commerce, or mCommerce, is estimated to account for $56.72 billion of the $280.3 billion spent on eCommerce this year. With those kinds of numbers riding on it, brands should be placing mobile at the core of their strategy.

Since we have several winter sports enthusiasts on staff, the LaneTerralever team decided to take a look at winter sports brands and see what they were doing to embrace mobile. Looking at popularity and financial performance, the team picked out 20 brands of the industry and evaluated their websites, social integration and emails.

What we found was quite surprising. Some of the brands have recognized the need for a focus on mobile and have adjusted their eCommerce strategies to the direction the industry is headed. Unfortunately, the majority of the brands’ websites and emails were missing key mobile elements.


Download the full report to see which brands achieved the best mobile user experiences and which ones fell short.



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