5 Steps for Inspiring Enthusiasm

October 19, 2015 | By: Jon. Lewis | 2 min read

enthusiasmSo your brand has a new product. The final touches are being secured, and you’ve created some content to support the marketing campaign. But, something is missing. No matter which way you look at your copy or design, you’re not convinced that your audience will be intrigued. So, what’s that missing element? We think we know: it’s lacking enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm sells. When a brand or product is introduced to a potential customer from someone with excitement, joy, and fascination, those feelings are contagious. The emotions will translate to the audience, and they’ll feel that buzz of energy portrayed through the content just as much as the marketer did when they created it.

But there is just one problem: you can’t fake it. Forced enthusiasm just won’t translate, and it isn’t worth your time to try and sell something you’re not even passionate about. You can be the best writer, designer, or marketer in the world, but if you aren’t enthusiastic about your subject, it’s inevitable that the content will end up appearing flat to the audience. And, in effect, they’ll ignore it.

If we’re all being honest here, we can admit that enthusiasm is difficult to drum up, especially when you aren’t familiar or completely excited about the product or service you’re focused on. This enthusiasm can be especially difficult to cultivate when you’re rushed to push out a large amount of content in a short amount of time, which is commonplace in our industry. But there are a few quick tips to help you create the kind of content that not only engages, but also triggers the reaction you want from your audience. Here, we’re sharing those five bits of inspiration with you.

  1. working on enthusiasmDo your research: Hopefully by now, you know everything there is to know about the product from your company’s perspective. But dig deeper – read what fans of that product, or a similar product, are saying about it. Use their words and thoughts to guide your work. Their enthusiasm will be equally contagious to you, and help inspire your creativity.
  2. Celebrities are great role models. Pick an unofficial celebrity spokesperson for the brand – someone who has the type of persona you believe would purchase that product – and listen to some YouTube clips of them speaking. Listening to their language and the way they formulate thoughts can help you build yours.
  3. Find inspiration in other brands. Look for brands that have similar branding and characteristics to those you want your product to represent. These other brands don’t have to have similar products, just a similar attitude. Try to capture their voice, tone, and characteristics in your own content creation.
  4. Read it out loud. Recite what you’ve written out loud to yourself before you submit it for review. Practice saying it with the voice and tone inflection you hope your audience will hear, and ask yourself if it sounds engaging and enthusiastic. If you’re working with visuals, take a step away from your work for an hour, and return with a fresh POV to see what your first impressions of the images are.
  5. Peer reviews are the best reviews. Give your content to a colleague and ask for honest, raw feedback. Knowing you’ll be submitting to a peer you trust will subconsciously drive you to hit the mark to avoid bad feedback, and make you perform your best.

With the exception of #5, you can do all of the above in just a few hours. Whether you use one of these pieces of inspiration, or all of them, applying them up before you get into the nitty-gritty creation of your work may save you hours of re-creating on the back end. The enthusiasm you spark in your audience will inevitably be worth it.

Now you tell us: What are some ways that you seek inspiration for enthusiasm when creating marketing content for new products and services? Do you have any specific sources or methods? Share them with us in the comments below!

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