Employee Spotlight: Alli Ligget

April 20, 2016 | By: Melanie Mulvihill | 1 min read

Meet Alli Ligget! Alli is double jointed in her fingers, a walking US Weekly, a movie quote extraordinaire and LaneTerralever’s Content Marketing Manager.

At LaneTerralever, Alli writes content for multiple social accounts, including TruGreen, Cable One Business, Goodyear Blimp and Oliver Manufacturing. She loves helping brands connect with their audiences in an authentic way and getting the right message to the brand’s target audiences.

Prior to joining us at LT, Alli graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Print Journalism. She always thought she would work for a magazine, but was seeking something a little more stable. Alli spent some time bouncing around doing writing for small businesses and even worked for an agency. After a few years, her friend Dan Block referred her to LaneTerralever and she landed a job on the Content Marketing team!

If you want to become a pro at content marketing like Alli, she suggests to stay on top of trends, practice your writing in different voices and tones, observe what other brands are doing and read!

Her favorite parts about working at LT are the snacks, the ridiculously smart people and the challenge of working with brands that aren’t social in nature and finding cool clever ways to make them social.Outside of the office, Alli likes to binge watch Netflix; her favorite shows are House of Cards and 30 Rock. She also loves to hike and read. She has always loved reading, even from a young age. Her and her husband are participating in the #52HikeChallenge; so far her favorite hike is the Superstition Mountains.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Employee Spotlight. Stay tuned for May, featuring another one of our awesome employees.

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