Employee Spotlight: Jeff Tribble

March 16, 2016 | By: Melanie Mulvihill | 1 min read

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re featuring Jeff Tribble, one of our developers here at LaneTerralever. Jeff was born in Texas and has lived in Arizona since the 8th grade. His high school years were action packed; filled with playing guitar, being a star football player and taking part in his first internship.

Following high school, Jeff went on to Arizona State University, where he is currently a student and will be graduating this summer with a degree in Computer Science. In order to balance a full-time work schedule and school, Jeff attends night classes and does some schedule juggling, like a pro.

So how did Jeff become a developer and learn how to code? Well, Jeff began to learn CSS and HTML at his internship in high school. But it didn’t stop there; Jeff learned and continues to learn from online resources such as

Code Academy, Code 101, Wikipedia and so much more! He emphasized that learning in the field, finding a mentor and taking advantage of the outrageous amount of resources out there are the best ways to learn.

Before LaneTerralever, Jeff did contract work, where he was building apps and ecommerce websites. A good friend of his finally referred him to LaneTerralever and in October 2014 he was brought onto the team. His favorite part about working at LaneTerralever is the friendships he has made with coworkers. He feels like everyone is on the same team moving towards the same goals.Outside of the office, Jeff enjoys playing guitar in his rock band, Talent Scout. If you ever want to catch them in action, they perform at local venues including Yucca Tap Room, Rebel Lounge and even Crescent Ballroom. When he’s not shredding on the guitar, you can find Jeff spending time running, reading and – surprise, surprise – coding!

At the end of our meeting, I asked Jeff why being a developer is so important and his answer was killer: “Computers are everywhere and will behave the way you program them to 100% of the time. Developers can program computers to do the things we want them to do and that is why development is so awesome!”

Stay tuned for next month's Employee Spotlight, featuring one of our awesome content team members.

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