Employee Spotlight: Jessica Blakiston

January 25, 2016 | By: Melanie Mulvihill | 1 min read

Meet Jessica Blakiston: an integrated media buyer & planner, ASU graduate, historical fiction novel lover and this month’s LaneTerralever employee spotlight.

Jessica was born overseas in England, where her father is from. Her father is a magician, but Jessica doesn’t know any magic tricks. Her mother met her father on a cruise, where he was the cruise magician. At three years old, Jessica moved to Arizona and hasn’t left since.

Jessica at Buckingham Palace

Post-graduation Jessica got a job for a finance company and quickly realized it wasn’t the career for her. It wasn’t until she became an intern at a marketing agency that she learned her love for digital media. During her internship, she absorbed as much knowledge as she could and practiced a lot. Fun fact: Jessica managed her Dad’s magician website’s AdWords account as practice.

Following her internship, Jessica joined LaneTerralever. Here she has learned everything about media, both digital and traditional. Some of the clients she works with include GORE-TEX®, Phoenix Convention Center, and St. Vincent de Paul. If you ask Jessica why media buying and planning is so important, she would tell you, “you can put as much time and effort into a campaign or an ad for a client, but if the customer never sees it then it isn’t worth all the time and effort. My job is to make sure the customer sees it, significantly increasing the campaign or ad’s success.”

In addition to being on the media team, Jessica is involved in LaneTerralever’s Culture Club. The Culture Club’s purpose is to create and maintain a fun, transparent, and collaborative environment through team building, educational, and charitable activities that embody LaneTerralever’s core values. Through her involvement in Culture Club, Jessica organized December’s Social Santa. The event was a big success, collecting over one hundred toys for foster children. Jessica is already planning for next year and is determined to beat this year’s toy record. Her favorite part about leading Social Santa was seeing everyone being generous and in the holiday spirit.

Foster children receiving Social Santa toys

Outside of the office, Jessica enjoys hiking, hot yoga, and traveling to new places. But most of all, Jessica enjoys reading, specifically historical fiction novels. If you are in the office, don’t be afraid to ask Jessica for some reading recommendations.

We’re lucky to have Jessica on our team at LaneTerralever! Stay tuned for next month’s spotlight, featuring another one of our awesome team members.

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