Employee Spotlight: Nick Dan-Bergman

May 18, 2016 | By: Melanie Mulvihill | 2 min read

Nick HeadshotMeet Nick Dan-Bergman, LaneTerralever’s awesome Business Solutions Manager. Nick is a native New Yorker and the first generation of his Swedish family to be born in the United States. Eight years ago, Nick ditched the east coast for the desert to attend Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, where he received his degree in Marketing and International Business.

Nick has always shown a keen interest in business and comes from a creative family with roots in art and entertainment. The ability to balance both business and creative thinking is what initially drew him to marketing.

While in College, Nick met LaneTerralever’s President, Chris Johnson, who spoke in his digital marketing class. This encounter eventually led to an internship the next semester where he got to work across a number of teams at the agency. Shortly after graduation, he found a home on the business solutions team where he started as a coordinator. Nick’s favorite part about working on this team is that he gets to work with clients from the onset of the engagement and help guide the direction using a consultative approach. According to Nick, if you are looking to follow a similar career path, “don’t worry so much about your title when you’re getting started. Focus your time and energy on gaining the most interesting experience possible that will help you tell ‘a compelling story’ later on in your career.”

Nick travelingWhen he’s outside of the office, Nick enjoys living an active lifestyle. He participates in High Interval Intensity Training, spin and tennis. As much as Nick loves working out, he is also an avid traveler and tries to plan an international trip each year. Some of his favorites include recent trips to Croatia, Netherlands and Turkey. He mentioned that the feeling of community and ability to meet new interesting people along the way is what he enjoys most about both group fitness and travel.

When he’s not traveling or in the gym, you can also catch Nick consuming most of his media through YouTube, Podcasts, and Netflix. Some of his favorites are listed below. Be sure to check them out!

Casey Neistat (YouTuber) - He’s a daily blogger that chronicles his travels, family and life as an entrepreneur/creator. Nick is most impressed by his ability to put out 10 minutes of high production value video, that always tells a compelling story, on a daily basis.

  • Make it Count - One of the first videos that helped him "make it big” where he travels around the world in 10 days with a Nike Fuel Band.
  • Losers and Closers - Here he discusses some of the reasons why he started a daily vlog and is able to keep it going. Alec Baldwin is a guest appearance.Casey Neistat - YouTube Video Screenshot (Option 1)

Tim Ferris (Podcaster/Author) - Best known for his self-help book, The 4-Hour Workweek. Spoiler, he’s not actually suggesting you only work 4 hours. While his books are great, Nick has come to love his podcast, where he interviews people from a wide variety of backgrounds including military, business, arts/entertainment and medicine.

  • Jamie Foxx Interview - His interview covers success habits, Hollywood’s untold stories and Foxx’s incredible journey to the top. This is one of Nick’s favorites and it won podcast of the year, so he is not the only one who liked it.

Gary Vaynerchuk (Facebooker/YouTuber) - Most of you probably know Gary as an author and unabashed self-promoter. Unlike some of the other "talking heads" in the marketing industry, he’s actually executed what he writes and talks about as founder of Wine Library and Vayner Media.

Stay tuned for next month’s employee spotlight featuring another LaneTerralever team member.

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