Employee Spotlight: Scott Patten

June 10, 2015 | By: Lauren Reeves | 1 min read

Meet Scott Patten: a marketing strategist, golf-lover, Ironman finisher and this month’s LaneTerralever Employee Spotlight.

Scott was born overseas, as his father was an Air Force Civilian Contractor working in Germany. At five years old, he moved to Spokane, Washington, where he spent his childhood. Eventually, Scott decided to ditch the rain for the desert, and attended ASU as a marketing major and Outside Mid-Fielder for the Sun Devil Men's Soccer Team.Post-graduation, he worked for several years at an agency here in Phoenix doing everything from Account and Project Management to Business Development. The bonus? That first job is where he met his wife, Natalie!

Scott spent two years on his own business before joining team LaneTerralever as a strategist. Scott clearly enjoys his job, as he explains his passion for problem-solving with enthusiasm and excitement. According to Scott, the best part about being a strategist is that each day brings a handful of new puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome.When he’s out of the office, Scott enjoys working out and preparing for marathons, Ironmans, or whatever event is coming up next. As much as Scott loves training, he is also an avid reader. Having completed his goal of reading 52 books each year for the last two years, he’s at it again for 2015. Someday, between piles of books and mini-marathons, he’d like to visit Machu Picchu and check out the history in South America.This past October, Scott married his wife, who also works in the marketing industry. Together, they’ve got a Puggle (Beagle and Pug mix), sweetly named Baci, which is Italian for “kisses.”

You can catch him bumping some old-school hip-hop, or pretty much any other genre, for that matter. He says that as cliché as it sounds to say he “loves all types of music,” he truly does, and will listen to just about anything, depending on the day.So what’s one thing you probably didn’t know about Scott? Brace yourselves: He’s never seen Star Wars. If that doesn’t give you reason to befriend Scott and change his ways, I don’t know what would.

We’re lucky to have Scott on our team at LaneTerralever, and are inspired by his determination to succeed and progress both in and outside the office.

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