Employee Spotlight: Todd Bromley

May 26, 2015 | By: Lauren Reeves | 2 min read

A lover of fresh water fishing and the great outdoors, Todd isn’t the type of guy you’d expect to find in a big desert city. But that’s just one surprising factoid that makes him such a great asset to LaneTerralever. In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re meeting up with User Experience Architect Todd Bromley to learn more about his mad fishing skills and his awesome experiences at LT.Todd wasn’t always the beard-bearing beer-lover we know today. Born and raised in the tiny historic town of Ogdensburg, New York, Todd spent his early days just one river crossing away from the Canadian border. In fact, Todd says his best days have been at his family’s cottage in Canada, fishing with his dad and hanging with his family. Although that cottage is still his favorite place in the world, he loves living here in the Phoenix Valley with his wife and two dogs, Nunzio and Chuck. He especially loves that he can still go fishing in the local lakes, rivers, and urban ponds scattered throughout the area.In 2003, Todd moved to Phoenix where he started taking classes at Mohawk Valley Community College. He then attended the Art Institute of Phoenix, receiving a degree in Media, Arts and Animation, which led to a Master’s in Business from Grand Canyon University. He began his career at GCU, creating supplemental educational materials. That career led to work in graphic design and user experience, and finally, to LaneTerralever, where he’s been for a year and a half. So far, Todd’s been involved with a number of projects including the All In website, Republic Services website, and First Solar.

Here's Nunzio, the official mascot of the LaneTerrorizer's Softball Team!

Todd says his favorite part about working at LT is the collaborative office culture, and that everyone has a team-focused mentality. He believes this makes work processes much more efficient, and fun. Plus, he loves the wide variety of clients LT has had the opportunity to work with, making every day’s work interesting. He's been a member of the LT softball team, the LaneTerrorizers, and his dog is even the official team mascot. Todd has also a part of some of our #LTBelieves project, like Mustache November, or Movember, raising awareness for men's health.Outside of the office, you can find Todd dabbling in music, specifically bass and acoustic guitar. But most of all, he loves going to concerts. In a perfect world, he’d be seeing Nirvana, Waylon, and Jefferson Airplane every chance he could get. Todd’s a great part of our UX team, and we’re thankful for his expertise and winning attitude. Stay tuned for next month’s Employee Spotlight!

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