Four Common Mistakes Companies Make When Marketing to Hispanic Millennials

August 10, 2017 | By: Kirsten Kraklio | 1 min read

hispanic millennialLumping all millennials together for your marketing strategy is bad. Same goes for Hispanic millennials — they’re not all the same and should be marketed to appropriately. LaneTerralever’s Brand Strategy & Research Analyst, Morgan Miller, provided a quick look at common mistakes companies make when developing their marketing strategies to Hispanic millennials.

1. Not making them a priority

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is growing exponentially. Many companies are hesitant or unsure of how to target this demographic and as a result are neglecting them altogether. Make it a priority to start researching this audience and learning how your brand can authentically speak to it. Adding a certain type of music or casting a certain look won’t cut it for Hispanic millennials. Dive deep and develop an insight that will accurately show how this audience interacts with your brand or product.

2. Not having bilingual involvement within a company

When it comes to engaging Hispanic millennials on social, it is important to involve someone who is bilingual in order to build relationships and answer questions promptly and correctly. If this cross-cultural involvement is neglected and companies solely rely on translation, much of the true meaning and authenticity of communication can be lost. At LaneTerralever, we understand that it is not enough to simply translate; this is why we embed our cross-cultural teammates in our ideation process from the beginning.

3. Communicating only in Spanish

Hispanic millennials in the U.S. are bi-cultural – many identify with both American and Latino culture and want to be understood and communicated to as such. Despite what many people think, targeting Hispanic millennials solely in Spanish is not a successful strategy. Hispanic millennials often choose Spanish or English content depending on convenience and comfort. Consider your brand’s target audience when deciding on the use and amount of Spanish and English content in your strategy.

4. Neglecting emotional messaging

Hispanic millennials are strongly influenced by advertisements that associate products with an experience and emotion, rather than a formal business decision. Like any other demographic, this target’s behaviors and motivations need to be understood in order to successfully market to them. Messages of humor, celebration and family are particularly well received when reaching this audience.
Looking for a more in-depth look at marketing to Hispanic millennials? Check out our Q&A here or contact us today to learn how we can help your company.

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