Marketing Insights: LaneTerralever Imparts Their Thoughts on Super Bowl LVII Ads

February 16, 2023 | By: Nick Dan-Bergman | 1 min read

Super Bowl LVII made a huge impact this year with an impressive average audience of 113 million across television and digital, making this the third most-watched television show of all time. In fact, this year alone, Super Bowl commercials cost companies as much as $7 million, a record high regarding marketing spending.

But what makes the Super Bowl so unique compared to other regularly scheduled football games during the season? Aside from it being the championship game, the Super Bowl ads in between have become ingrained into American culture. From a marketing standpoint, Super Bowl commercials must stand out in ways that have never been done before to capture the attention of millions of people. We’ve all seen celebrity cameos, quirky storylines, and flashy product designs. So what grabbed the attention of this year’s commercials? LaneTerralever had multiple opportunities to weigh in.

Featured in Phoenix's 12News


LaneTerralever’s Chief Creative Officer, Ian Barry, had the chance to share his insights on some of the best—and worst—Super Bowl commercials that aired during Super Bowl LVII on Phoenix’s Local 12 News Channel. According to Barry, Kia’s “Binky Dad” brought out all the elements that make a great Super Bowl ad. Kia’s car commercial was adventurous, timely, relatable, and showcased the product itself as the story's hero. For Barry, this is considered a winning combination of everything that makes a Super Bowl memorable.


Another clear winner of this year’s ads was “Farmer’s Dog.” An agency favorite, this insurance commercial did an excellent job of telling a story while tugging at heartstrings–something an audience can all resonate with.


When it came to missing the mark, Barry pointed out Rémy Martin’s ad featuring famed tennis player Serena William for its lackluster product showcase and disjointed storyline.     

Meanwhile, We Were Also Featured in KTAR's 92.3 FM - Arizona Evening News

Ian was also fortunate enough to be featured on KTAR's Arizona Evenings News to give his unique perspective on this year’s Super Bowl ads. Hear the interview below.

Lastly, We Rounded Up the Best and Worst Ads on AZ Big Media

Featured on AZ Big Media, our Vice President of Public Relations, Crystal Jennings, relayed her thoughts on what she believed were the winners and losers of this year’s Super Bowl ads. Some of her favorites included the General Motors and Netflix partnership “Why Not an EV?” and Google’s “Fixed on Pixel.”

Check out the full article here


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