#LTBelieves: Food Drive for St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

July 3, 2015 | By: Lauren Reeves | 1 min read

“You cannot feed the hungry on statistics.”

–Heinrich Heine

Though we love data-driven results, we also know this quote is much too true. According to St. Mary’s Food bank, nearly one in five Arizonans are food insecure, which is higher than the national average.

So to take action, LaneTerralever held a two-week, inter-office food drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. In support of our #LTBelieves campaign, we collected over 200 pounds of canned and dry food and diapers for local families during the two-week food drive in May.To spice things up a little bit, we divided up the office into four teams to see who could collect the most food. The results? Team three swept the race with over 75 pounds of donated food! Thanks to our gracious team members for their contributions and efforts.

Find out more about our #LTBelieves campaign here, and what we’ve been up to on our #LTBelieves page.

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