Moms on Social Media: What Marketers Need to Know

August 24, 2017 | By: Melanie Mulvihill | 1 min read

mom and babyIt’s no secret — if you log onto Facebook, it’s likely you’ll see mothers posting photos of their kids, seekings parenting advice from other mothers, and connecting with old friends. According to eMarketer, more than 90% of moms have a social media account and spend more time on social media than television or radio. Facebook is the most popular platform among mothers, cited by 84% of mothers polled by eMarketer. So what should marketers do to reach moms on social media? Learn some tips below.

Leverage influencers

Adweek states that 51% of millennial mothers value recommendations from other moms, compared to only 35% of them valuing a recommendation of an expert. Instead of having experts weigh in on brands, pick influencers (think mommy bloggers) that rant and rave about your brand. If mothers trust your influencer, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Be realistic

Being a mother is hard, and the last thing they need to see are advertisements on Facebook with picture-perfect families and fairytale lives. Marketers should rather target mothers offering something helpful or something to help them smile. Don’t have your marketing present unrealistic ideals.

Have a social media contest

Social media makes sharing easier than ever before. Marketers should consider having a social media contest where mothers have a chance to win a prize, like a relaxing spa day or coupons, if they share your post. Chances are, mothers are friends with other mothers and the word will be spread.

Earn their trust & loyalty

Getting moms’ attention is one thing, but turning them into loyal customers is another. Provide real and authentic content that resonates with your customers and actually provides value to the demographic. Ultimately, you are trying to earn their trust, not just their attention.  


If you are looking for guidance on how to reach moms, we are happy to help — reach out to us today!

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