November 13, 2013 | By: Alli.Liggett | 1 min read

Don’t let the abundance of wedding décor, fashionable ensembles and baby shower ideas fool you—Pinterest isn’t just for the ladies anymore.

Slowly but surely, men are finding their way into the world of Pinterest.

Women still account for the majority— about 80% of the approximate 70 million Pinterest users are female however, that leaves around 14 million men who are pinning. In fact, according to an article by Mashable’s Stephanie Buck, 10 out of the top 45 Pinterest users are men.

How can you leverage Pinterest’s platform to interact with this masculine niche? Here are three examples of brands and users getting in good with the guys and connecting with the men of Pinterest:


Men’s Health Magazine

34 Boards, 1,832 Pins, 25,520 Followers

Their angle: Teaching men how to be better versions of themselves.

Men’s Health takes their magazine content to the next level on Pinterest. Their boards are an awesome blend of fitness, fashion and lifestyle, highlighting workouts for men, Mother’s day gift ideas, a shaving guide, weight loss tips and more.

Every board is an opportunity for self-improvement.


The National Hockey League

28 Boards, 810 Pins, 1,231,079 Followers

Their angle: Engaging hockey fans by being a hockey fan.

I have a feeling that whoever runs this account loves hockey. The boards convey the spirit of hockey culture, and there’s sincerity for the love of the sport and the fans.

It’s a fun stop for hockey fans, and pretty darn helpful if you’re looking to deck your house out with hockey décor.


Mike D

19 Boards, 4,110 Pins, 1,109,575 followers

His angle: Pin things that pique a man’s interest (seems too easy)

Mike D is one of the most followed men on Pinterest, and for good reason.

His boards include design, travel, food, sports and alcohol, but the highlight is his board dedicated to the art of grooming. Mike D’s pins provide you with new ideas for travel destinations, tasty foods to try, and tips for getting the perfect mustache.

He’s like a cool best friend on Pinterest who will make your life more interesting.


In conclusion….

Men are slowly becoming a part of Pinterest.  Now is the time to plan for integrating “manly” content.


What will your angle be?


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